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  ON5LT - 2020-08 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 4601 to 4687
  ON5LT - 2020-08 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With ON

  ON5LT - 2-way WSPR Reports - ON5LT-JO10 - 2020-May

  ON5LT - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - ON5LT-JO10 - (rank-2491)-2019-October
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 SPTRS  SPOTS (202008/##)
 -----  -----  1      08/   ON5LT*
  4486      -      1  08/31      1 Sptrs31

  ALL Callsigns starting with ON
  11-ON0ODR       1-ON0VRN       2-ON1ACB       4-ON1CH        2-ON1DQJ
   2-ON1HDU       2-ON2AD        2-ON2CQ       14-ON2KDL       5-ON2ON
   6-ON2RON       2-ON2TD        6-ON3ATE       2-ON3BM        2-ON3BPE
   3-ON3CQ        3-ON3DH        6-ON3DKM       2-ON3DMT       2-ON3DTZ
   2-ON3EA        2-ON3FV        5-ON3IT        1-ON3JLR       3-ON3JT
   2-ON3KDM      10-ON3KMP       2-ON3LA        2-ON3LX        7-ON3MK
   2-ON3PGB       2-ON3RAJ       4-ON3RGA       1-ON3SB        2-ON3SD
   2-ON3SDR       2-ON3TN        2-ON3TVA       1-ON3URE       2-ON3URT
   6-ON3VJU       3-ON3VOX       3-ON3WVT       3-ON3YF        9-ON3ZOE
   6-ON4ABL       6-ON4ABR       6-ON4ABS       2-ON4AGM       3-ON4AHU
   8-ON4ALV       7-ON4APB       5-ON4AUB       4-ON4AWM       1-ON4BAG
   2-ON4BB        2-ON4BDC       4-ON4BWT       2-ON4CAZ      14-ON4CDJ
   5-ON4CE        2-ON4CGW       2-ON4CHJ       2-ON4CJU       2-ON4CLC
   3-ON4CLQ       4-ON4DA        3-ON4DAG       4-ON4DSK       3-ON4EB
   5-ON4EDG       2-ON4FN        7-ON4FVB       2-ON4GPN       2-ON4JM
   2-ON4JRT      10-ON4KCD       4-ON4KDV       9-ON4KLG       4-ON4KME
   3-ON4KSB      11-ON4KTJ       1-ON4LAO       3-ON4LK        5-ON4LS
  11-ON4LUC       1-ON4LUK       1-ON4MDB      12-ON4PB        1-ON4PDV
   3-ON4PQ        2-ON4QI        2-ON4RAF       2-ON4VF        6-ON4VH
  15-ON4WS        2-ON4WX        4-ON5CLM       5-ON5CMB      11-ON5DC
  11-ON5DVA       2-ON5DVO       1-ON5DZ        3-ON5FV        8-ON5HB
   3-ON5HY        2-ON5IK        1-ON5KQ        6-ON5LT        2-ON5MDM
   7-ON5PER       1-ON5PVD       7-ON5QB        5-ON5REV      12-ON5RZ
   4-ON5SRC       3-ON5TA        2-ON5UN       11-ON5VC        3-ON5VW
   3-ON5YA        4-ON5YM        1-ON6EJ        4-ON6FDP       2-ON6FU
   2-ON6FV        5-ON6KE        3-ON6LS        3-ON6MI        5-ON6MU
   2-ON6NA        4-ON6NT        2-ON6OE        5-ON6OM        2-ON6PH
   7-ON6PRO       2-ON6SX        2-ON6VG       17-ON7AN        2-ON7BA
   6-ON7BH        4-ON7BRA       2-ON7BT        2-ON7BWT       3-ON7CFI
   2-ON7DE       11-ON7DS        1-ON7DY        2-ON7ER        2-ON7HC
  11-ON7IVE      15-ON7KB        4-ON7KER      15-ON7KO        3-ON7LG
   9-ON7LSP       2-ON7MN        2-ON7NDR       2-ON7NR        7-ON7QF
   7-ON7SD        3-ON7SH        3-ON7TA        4-ON7TC        1-ON7WP
   3-ON7XN        2-ON7XT        4-ON7XX        6-ON7ZO        6-ON8DNY
  10-ON8EC        4-ON8GDV       5-ON8IM        2-ON8JPB       4-ON8NT
   5-ON8SV        4-ON9CB        2-ON9JM


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