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  KD9CCE - 2020-11 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 3601 to 3700
  KD9CCE - 2020-11 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With KD
  KD9CCE - 2020-11 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 5301 to 5400
  KD9CCE - 2020-11 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With KD

  KD9CCE - 2-way WSPR Reports - KD9CCE-EN55 - 2020-November

  KD9CCE - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - KD9CCE-EN55 - (rank-1499)-2020-January
  KD9CCE - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - KD9CCE-EN55 - (rank-1886)-2020-February
  KD9CCE - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - KD9CCE-EN55 - (rank-1374)-2020-May
  KD9CCE - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - KD9CCE-EN55 - (rank-1071)-2020-June
  KD9CCE - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - KD9CCE-EN55 - (rank--916)-2020-August
  KD9CCE - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - KD9CCE-EN55 - (rank-1429)-2020-September
  KD9CCE - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - KD9CCE-EN55 - (rank-3377)-2020-November

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202011/##)
 -----  -----  1      11/   KD9CCE*
  4670   4002     28  11/24      3 Sptrs24     25 Spots24
  4774   4098         11/25
  4883   3359     45  11/26                    45 Spots26
  4973   3437         11/27
  5099   3512         11/28
  5203   3581         11/29
  5281   3644         11/30

  ALL Callsigns starting with KD
   6-KD0CJU       2-KD0EZS       2-KD0FTJ       7-KD0FZF       5-KD0GY
   2-KD0IOE       2-KD0ION       8-KD0J         2-KD0JCP       4-KD0JHW
   2-KD0JLJ       2-KD0JTR       2-KD0KKD       3-KD0KNU       2-KD0KVF
   7-KD0KYA       7-KD0LKI       3-KD0MGE      10-KD0MKE       5-KD0NMD
   1-KD0NPT       4-KD0OI        2-KD0OQV       2-KD0QIN       4-KD0QKK
   4-KD0QYN       2-KD0TIN       3-KD0TPI       7-KD0UAF       2-KD0UAZ
   3-KD0VJS       1-KD0VMZ       6-KD0WZU       5-KD0XT        2-KD0YSD
   5-KD0YST       4-KD0YTE       2-KD0ZDE       4-KD0ZYA       4-KD1AX
   4-KD1ELK       2-KD1GQ        4-KD1IK        3-KD1MW        2-KD1T
   5-KD1TF        9-KD1XH        2-KD2AAP      10-KD2ABL      10-KD2AVU
   2-KD2BER       3-KD2BNT       1-KD2CLR       2-KD2E         1-KD2ECF
   2-KD2EIP       1-KD2GEJ       8-KD2GIY       2-KD2GYO       2-KD2ITZ
   4-KD2JQK       3-KD2JRH       2-KD2KEH       6-KD2KKG       1-KD2KOA
   7-KD2KQA       6-KD2KUB       2-KD2KW        7-KD2LJR       1-KD2LZI
   3-KD2MKJ       2-KD2MSR       2-KD2NBC       2-KD2NOM       7-KD2OIH
   2-KD2OIJ       6-KD2OM        3-KD2OUQ       8-KD2PMW       1-KD2PVS
   3-KD2PZV       4-KD2QKS       4-KD2RCF       2-KD2RCP       2-KD2REU
   2-KD2RJX       4-KD2RVW       1-KD2SCZ       3-KD2SGM       4-KD2SPF
   4-KD2SXD       5-KD2TAI       2-KD2TFM       1-KD2TJD       6-KD2TT
   2-KD2TUU       4-KD2UBH       1-KD2UDT       1-KD2UJD      11-KD3FG
   1-KD3ZB        8-KD4AAA       2-KD4BPZ       3-KD4CR        1-KD4DEH
  10-KD4DN        2-KD4EBL       4-KD4EG        2-KD4FW        3-KD4GUB
   1-KD4HSO       4-KD4IPB       2-KD4IYC       2-KD4JRX       4-KD4KTC
   4-KD4L         2-KD4LEA       1-KD4LOL       2-KD4O        15-KD4TAC
   5-KD4UBM       2-KD4VVZ       3-KD4YDD       3-KD5CFP       4-KD5CFX
   2-KD5CS        4-KD5DFL       3-KD5EFB       3-KD5EYN       5-KD5HIZ
   2-KD5HNM       3-KD5IRL       3-KD5J         2-KD5KJ        2-KD5KLL
   1-KD5LBK       2-KD5LKY       2-KD5LPY       3-KD5MKV       4-KD5PX
   3-KD5QYV       6-KD5QZG       1-KD5RYN       2-KD5SG        8-KD5SYI
   5-KD5SZW       2-KD5UFQ       2-KD5YJP       6-KD5YOU      11-KD5ZAT
   4-KD6ADC       2-KD6BYC       8-KD6CJI       7-KD6EKQ       4-KD6ELK
   3-KD6ERP       2-KD6GBN       5-KD6GNF      10-KD6JWK       6-KD6LDA
   2-KD6LZV       2-KD6NFD       2-KD6OAT       6-KD6RC       15-KD6RF
   4-KD6RLV       6-KD7BJF       9-KD7DRS       2-KD7EPZ       1-KD7FQI
   6-KD7HU        4-KD7JL        5-KD7JR        4-KD7KDO       1-KD7KNZ
   1-KD7MA        4-KD7NFR       3-KD7NHM       2-KD7PKE       4-KD7QL
   1-KD7SSP       2-KD7UHR       4-KD7VZW       6-KD7WPQ       3-KD7YDD
   2-KD7YUW       6-KD7YZ        2-KD7ZPC       3-KD7ZR        6-KD7ZSE
   1-KD8ABX       6-KD8AHZ       2-KD8BNZ       2-KD8CGH       2-KD8DNS
   2-KD8GIJ       3-KD8HBL       9-KD8HOR       2-KD8HRY       2-KD8HSH
   3-KD8JBG       2-KD8JDC       2-KD8KOR       2-KD8KYS       5-KD8MOK
   7-KD8ODF       2-KD8OOS       2-KD8OSD       9-KD8OUR       3-KD8PLZ
   2-KD8SDC       2-KD8SKZ       1-KD8SUP       3-KD8TDC      11-KD8VOO
  14-KD8WBZ       2-KD8WWP       9-KD8YQL      11-KD8ZLQ       8-KD8ZQZ
   5-KD8ZSP       2-KD8ZXL       7-KD9AFA      10-KD9CCE       3-KD9CKB
   4-KD9CMP       2-KD9CQX       3-KD9DD        3-KD9DVB       4-KD9DXF
   2-KD9EAY       2-KD9EOT       4-KD9FIA       5-KD9FIK       2-KD9FJV
   4-KD9GGZ       2-KD9GSX       1-KD9HOE       4-KD9HQT       4-KD9HVW
   5-KD9IHP       3-KD9ISC      13-KD9ISN       4-KD9JCD       6-KD9JJR
   2-KD9JLZ       3-KD9JTU       1-KD9JYV       6-KD9KCK       2-KD9KEG
   1-KD9KHZ       3-KD9KWA       9-KD9LCN       2-KD9LLY       2-KD9LQY
   6-KD9LVR       2-KD9LWT       2-KD9LZU       8-KD9MAP       6-KD9MBJ
   2-KD9MHJ       4-KD9MKR       2-KD9MQN       4-KD9MSN       1-KD9MVU
   5-KD9NAA       1-KD9NDR       2-KD9NRG       2-KD9NUD       8-KD9NWA
   4-KD9NYE       3-KD9OAZ       1-KD9OKX       1-KD9OOJ       3-KD9ORQ
   2-KD9OSV       3-KD9OVK       1-KD9OWT       1-KD9PAH       4-KD9PAR
   4-KD9PCN       2-KD9PGH       3-KD9PLU       1-KD9POE       3-KD9PVQ
   4-KD9S         2-KD9SAG       8-KD9XB


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