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  G4MKT - 2019-11 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 1801 to 1900
  G4MKT - 2019-11 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With G4

  G4MKT - 2-way WSPR Reports - G4MKT-IO83 - 2019-January

  G4MKT - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - G4MKT-IO83 - (rank--770)-2019-January

 SPTRS  SPOTS (201911/##)
 -----  -----  1      11/   G4MKT*
  1603      -     77  11/25     77 Sptrs25
  1630      -         11/26
  1673      -         11/27
  1712      -         11/28
  1751      -         11/29
  1807      -         11/30

  ALL Callsigns starting with G4
  14-G4AGE        6-G4AKE        5-G4AKU        2-G4ALH        2-G4ANN
  12-G4APB        1-G4AQB        2-G4AUE        2-G4AUR        4-G4AYT
   4-G4AZL        5-G4BAV       11-G4BBH        5-G4BHT       15-G4BOO
   5-G4BRK        8-G4BYM        9-G4CAO        2-G4CAZ        6-G4CMY
   3-G4CPD       11-G4CUI        1-G4CVA        1-G4DAT        3-G4DDP
  14-G4DEU       11-G4DJB       15-G4DND        1-G4DPZ        1-G4DRS
   1-G4DYA        1-G4DZE        5-G4EBO        4-G4EDR        3-G4EEM
   3-G4EFE        3-G4EID        1-G4EJH       15-G4EKJ        3-G4EKM
   3-G4ELJ       12-G4ENZ        4-G4EQR        6-G4ETQ        3-G4FAB
  14-G4FBA        4-G4FCN        2-G4FDD        1-G4FDL        3-G4FEV
   6-G4FFC       11-G4FGJ        1-G4FIE       19-G4FKI        1-G4FKK
   3-G4FTC        5-G4FTN        3-G4FXE        1-G4GBA       15-G4GCI
   3-G4GHT        3-G4GIR        6-G4GJR        3-G4GMS        8-G4GNK
   2-G4GNO        3-G4GOU        1-G4GTD        2-G4GUG       15-G4GVZ
   4-G4HAI        4-G4HCC        6-G4HDS        4-G4HQB       13-G4HRM
   1-G4HSK        2-G4HTZ        3-G4HVC        3-G4HYG        7-G4HZW
   1-G4HZX        2-G4ICP        6-G4IJM        6-G4INK        3-G4IOG
   5-G4ISN       13-G4IUP       11-G4JIX        3-G4JNW        1-G4JQT
   3-G4JQX        4-G4JTO        1-G4JVF        2-G4JVH        5-G4JYU
   4-G4KDX        4-G4KFK        2-G4KFZ        2-G4KHX        1-G4KIH
   7-G4KIN        1-G4KIV        2-G4KLA        4-G4KPM       15-G4KPX
   2-G4KQH        5-G4KSY        3-G4KVI       10-G4KWH        1-G4KYA
   3-G4KZK        3-G4KZT        1-G4LCM       10-G4LDT        8-G4LEN
   4-G4LHT        1-G4LOP        2-G4LPW        3-G4LQF       18-G4LRP
   5-G4MDH        1-G4MEM        1-G4MGW        5-G4MIB        2-G4MKG
   2-G4MKR        3-G4MKT        6-G4MLA        2-G4MOC        5-G4MOY
   6-G4MQK        2-G4MQL       15-G4MRK        3-G4MSA        9-G4MSN
   3-G4MUV        3-G4NAQ        6-G4NEY        3-G4NFY        5-G4NIA
   4-G4NIZ        1-G4NJW        2-G4NKT        4-G4NMA        6-G4NNX
   3-G4NUA       12-G4NUO        6-G4NVH        2-G4NZV        2-G4OBA
   3-G4OCZ        7-G4OEU        5-G4OJD        1-G4OJF        4-G4OQV
   4-G4OSX        5-G4OTJ        1-G4OUK       15-G4OVR       14-G4PCI
   4-G4PEK        2-G4PEN        7-G4PEY        3-G4PMB        1-G4PPN
   3-G4PQP        7-G4PRJ        6-G4PUQ        1-G4RDC        2-G4RGH
   9-G4RHR        3-G4RNC        8-G4RNI        2-G4RQG        3-G4RQI
   1-G4RVH        3-G4RWI       14-G4SDL        8-G4SEN        5-G4SFS
  13-G4SGI        4-G4SMX        1-G4SNU        8-G4SPE        6-G4SPR
   8-G4SRD        1-G4SZM        2-G4TGJ        1-G4TKO        4-G4TXA
   4-G4UDU        3-G4UGD       11-G4USI        6-G4UZE        2-G4VCN
   5-G4VMF        6-G4VNM        7-G4VOW        2-G4VQI        1-G4VTQ
  11-G4VVT       11-G4WCP        5-G4WGT        2-G4WGZ        2-G4WIM
   4-G4WLC        2-G4WNC        4-G4WNF        9-G4WOD        1-G4WPO
   2-G4WQL        2-G4WWG       12-G4XCS        2-G4XHK        4-G4XRM
   3-G4XWM       12-G4XWR        1-G4XYT        1-G4YBI        7-G4YBU
   4-G4YMB        2-G4YOH        6-G4YTD        3-G4YTM        9-G4ZAL
   6-G4ZDY       15-G4ZFQ        2-G4ZTX        6-G4ZVW        6-G4ZXE


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