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  G3ZOH - 2020-04 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 4501 to 4600
  G3ZOH - 2020-04 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With G3

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202004/##)
 -----  -----  1      04/   G3ZOH*
     -   4503     46  04/30                    46 Spots30

  ALL Callsigns starting with G3
   6-G3CWI        1-G3EHQ       12-G3IGU        1-G3ILO       15-G3JKF
   4-G3JKV       10-G3KEV        1-G3LHU        1-G3LNM        1-G3LVP
   2-G3MLO       15-G3NIJ        3-G3NR         4-G3OGP        1-G3OJI
   3-G3OMB        1-G3OVH        4-G3PQB        6-G3PWJ        3-G3RCE
   3-G3REB        2-G3RED        2-G3RIK        4-G3RMD        6-G3RSF
   2-G3RTP       15-G3RVX        2-G3RZF        2-G3SAO        3-G3SED
   8-G3SHK        4-G3SNT       15-G3SPJ        3-G3SQU        8-G3SUY
   7-G3SWW        9-G3SXH        5-G3SZS        2-G3SZU        5-G3TAG
   4-G3TEV        4-G3THQ        7-G3TKF        2-G3TKN        2-G3TXA
   3-G3TYB        5-G3UCQ        2-G3UEG        1-G3UKB        5-G3UQW
   4-G3VAJ        6-G3VBQ        5-G3VCG        6-G3VGZ        6-G3VXF
   4-G3VXJ        1-G3VYG       15-G3WCB        5-G3WDD        4-G3WKW
   4-G3WPD       14-G3WUN        5-G3XAP       11-G3XBI        7-G3XBM
  11-G3XDH       11-G3XIZ        5-G3XJE        1-G3XKR        2-G3XOD
   5-G3XQZ        1-G3XYC       11-G3YHV        3-G3YJZ        3-G3YMN
   5-G3YOY        5-G3YPE        6-G3YSG        9-G3YTN        2-G3YTQ
   6-G3YTT        4-G3YTU        1-G3YUJ        4-G3YXM        2-G3ZDF
   3-G3ZER       13-G3ZHZ        4-G3ZIL        2-G3ZJG       15-G3ZNG
   1-G3ZOH        1-G3ZPS       15-G3ZSE        6-G3ZST        5-G3ZSU


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