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  DO1MDE - 2020-04 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 5401 to 5500
  DO1MDE - 2020-04 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With DO

  DO1MDE - 2-way WSPR Reports - DO1MDE-JN58 - 2020-January

  DO1MDE - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - DO1MDE-JN58 - (rank-2084)-2020-January

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202004/##)
 -----  -----  1      04/   DO1MDE*
     -   5308     11  04/28                    11 Spots28
     -   5401         04/29
     -   5451         04/30

  ALL Callsigns starting with DO
   6-DO1AIR       2-DO1ATS       2-DO1BCK       1-DO1DBS       2-DO1DCB
   1-DO1DMS       4-DO1DSZ       3-DO1EBN       4-DO1ETK       5-DO1FDD
   2-DO1FV        2-DO1HFS       6-DO1HH        4-DO1IBS       2-DO1JEH
  13-DO1JKF       1-DO1KI        4-DO1LDL       1-DO1MA        3-DO1MDE
   4-DO1MGN       2-DO1MKH       4-DO1MSE       2-DO1NJB       1-DO1OO
   6-DO1OP        3-DO1PGR       4-DO1QN        2-DO1RFR      12-DO1RM
   2-DO1SFT       4-DO1SJF       1-DO1SRB       2-DO1STS       3-DO1TBE
   6-DO1TBO       6-DO1YA        2-DO1YHJ       2-DO2AK        3-DO2BD
   8-DO2BX        7-DO2DLE       1-DO2FUX       2-DO2HEY       2-DO2JN
  12-DO2MLS       7-DO2MOG       2-DO2MWW       7-DO2PHS       8-DO2RAI
   7-DO2SGF       2-DO2SMH       1-DO2STK       2-DO2SV        1-DO2SW
   4-DO2TM        2-DO2TO        2-DO2ZH        2-DO3BKJ       1-DO3BOB
   7-DO3BOX       2-DO3EA        3-DO3EF        2-DO3HPK      14-DO3HUM
   2-DO3JNE       2-DO3JSM       2-DO3LDW       3-DO3SUM       5-DO3WBL
   2-DO3WM        1-DO4AT        2-DO4ATK       2-DO4BMW       4-DO4FOX
   4-DO4HAA       2-DO4OW        2-DO4SH        5-DO4WKL       6-DO4YMG
   4-DO5CO        4-DO5FD        2-DO5GSH       2-DO5HVO       4-DO5IG
   3-DO5JWA       3-DO5KHR       1-DO5LEM       2-DO5MS        2-DO5SB
   3-DO5YMZ       2-DO6BCO       3-DO6DZ        5-DO6GZ        3-DO6KJ
  15-DO6RPS       2-DO6SAR       4-DO6SHB       2-DO7CX        4-DO7DW
   5-DO7EP        2-DO7GUN       3-DO7HJB       2-DO7JVK       1-DO7LIA
   2-DO7LJ        2-DO7MGA       2-DO7OMB       1-DO7OX        5-DO7PKO
   4-DO7PL        1-DO7RAM       5-DO7RMO       9-DO7SEB       2-DO7STS
   4-DO7TC        1-DO7TIM       1-DO7TP        4-DO7ZT        3-DO8AW
   6-DO8DHH       4-DO8FZ        2-DO8LT        2-DO8OD        4-DO8WF
   4-DO9BO        7-DO9CHB      12-DO9DHE       1-DO9JW        4-DO9KAS
  15-DO9KIP       1-DO9RS        9-DO9SMS


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