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  DO1FDK - 2020-12 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 5401 to 5500
  DO1FDK - 2020-12 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With DO

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202012/##)
 -----  -----  1      12/   DO1FDK*
  5164      -      3  12/29      3 Sptrs29
  5279      -         12/30
  5381      -         12/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with DO
   2-DO1AIR       2-DO1BCK       5-DO1BJM       4-DO1CAL       5-DO1CDE
   2-DO1CTL       1-DO1DBS       6-DO1DSH       2-DO1DSZ       4-DO1EL
   3-DO1ETK       5-DO1FDD       1-DO1FDK       1-DO1FFE       2-DO1FV
   3-DO1GBO       3-DO1GPS       5-DO1HDF       2-DO1HFS      10-DO1HH
   3-DO1HST       2-DO1IBS       4-DO1JEH      14-DO1JKF       2-DO1LDL
   3-DO1LIM       7-DO1LPH       2-DO1LUK       3-DO1MBM       6-DO1MDE
   2-DO1MGN       2-DO1MKH       1-DO1MOD       7-DO1MSE       5-DO1MTU
   2-DO1NJB       4-DO1OP        4-DO1PF        4-DO1PGR       9-DO1QN
   2-DO1RFR       8-DO1RM        4-DO1RTH       4-DO1SAN       2-DO1SFT
  12-DO1SJF       1-DO1SPA       2-DO1SPK       4-DO1STS       1-DO1SV
   2-DO1TBE       3-DO1TBO       2-DO1TRW       2-DO1UE        8-DO1VKL
   2-DO1YA        2-DO1YHJ       6-DO2BX       14-DO2DLE       2-DO2HEY
   7-DO2KSL      13-DO2MLS       4-DO2MOG       2-DO2MWW      10-DO2PHS
   8-DO2RAI       5-DO2SGF       2-DO2SMH       1-DO2STK       2-DO2SV
   2-DO2TM        2-DO2ZH        4-DO3ASE       5-DO3BOX       7-DO3DM
   7-DO3EA        2-DO3EF        1-DO3FJ        4-DO3HPK      19-DO3HUM
   3-DO3LK        5-DO3SUM       4-DO3UW        2-DO3WBL       2-DO4AKB
   2-DO4ATK       4-DO4BMW       2-DO4FZ        4-DO4HAA       4-DO4JBP
   5-DO4KF        1-DO4NB        2-DO4OW        4-DO4TU        2-DO4WKL
   3-DO4YMG       1-DO5BSU       3-DO5BVB       4-DO5CO        4-DO5COL
   4-DO5EU        3-DO5FD        5-DO5GSH       2-DO5HX        2-DO5IG
   3-DO5JWA       3-DO5KHR       8-DO5RBB       2-DO5SAS       3-DO5SB
   7-DO5YMZ       2-DO6BCO       2-DO6DB        2-DO6DG       13-DO6GZ
   1-DO6LFX       3-DO6NIK      17-DO6RPS       2-DO6SAR       2-DO6SHB
   2-DO6TCM       2-DO7CX        2-DO7DW        4-DO7EP        4-DO7HJB
   4-DO7LJ        2-DO7MGA       3-DO7MKA       1-DO7MLS       2-DO7PKO
   5-DO7PL        1-DO7RAM       2-DO7RM        8-DO7RMO       2-DO7RWE
   6-DO7SEB       3-DO7TC        7-DO7TP        4-DO8AW        3-DO8DHH
   2-DO8FZ        4-DO8GT        4-DO8KAS       2-DO8LT        2-DO8OD
   2-DO8WF        4-DO9BAU       1-DO9BK        2-DO9BO        2-DO9BS
   2-DO9BUS       6-DO9CHB      15-DO9DHE       3-DO9FWA       2-DO9KAS
  15-DO9KIP       2-DO9MC        4-DO9SMS       4-DO9SO


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