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  DL3ZID - 2019-11 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 2001 to 2100
  DL3ZID - 2019-11 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With DL

  DL3ZID - 2-way WSPR Reports - DL3ZID-JO53 - 2019-October

  DL3ZID - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - DL3ZID-JO53 - (rank-1852)-2018-December
  DL3ZID - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - DL3ZID-JO53 - (rank-2158)-2019-April
  DL3ZID - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - DL3ZID-JO53 - (rank-1561)-2019-August
  DL3ZID - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - DL3ZID-JO53 - (rank--897)-2019-October

 SPTRS  SPOTS (201911/##)
 -----  -----  1      11/   DL3ZID*
  2041      -     12  11/10     12 Sptrs10
  2144      -         11/11
  2205      -         11/12
  2272      -         11/13
  2348      -         11/14
  1916      -     17  11/15     17 Sptrs15
  1822      -      8  11/16      8 Sptrs16
  1671      -     11  11/17     11 Sptrs17
  1622      -      6  11/18      6 Sptrs18
  1587      -      5  11/19      5 Sptrs19
  1581      -      2  11/20      2 Sptrs20
  1604      -      2  11/21      2 Sptrs21
  1633      -      1  11/22      1 Sptrs22
  1694      -         11/23
  1731      -         11/24
  1763      -         11/25
  1807      -         11/26
  1853      -         11/27
  1895      -         11/28
  1948      -         11/29
  1997      -         11/30

  ALL Callsigns starting with DL
   1-DL0073SWL    1-DL0AO        1-DL0AWI       2-DL0BZA       5-DL0EB
   4-DL0GKN       1-DL0HGN       1-DL0HT        1-DL0IF        4-DL0IV
   4-DL0KON       1-DL0KRE       3-DL0LA        5-DL0LB        2-DL0LEN
   4-DL0LPZ       2-DL0LU        1-DL0NOT       2-DL0OV        3-DL0PBS
   2-DL0PS        2-DL0TE        3-DL0TY        2-DL0WJ       15-DL0ZF
   2-DL1AA        4-DL1AH        3-DL1AMH       1-DL1ASI      14-DL1BAK
   3-DL1BAX       2-DL1BCD       2-DL1BFF       4-DL1BJA       4-DL1BJC
   4-DL1BJW       4-DL1BOB       6-DL1BZA       2-DL1CHF       3-DL1CHP
  15-DL1CKE       3-DL1CLM       4-DL1CR       11-DL1DAF       2-DL1DH
   4-DL1DQI       1-DL1DUZ       3-DL1DWL      13-DL1EFA       3-DL1EFF
   1-DL1EFH       5-DL1EFW       2-DL1EGU       2-DL1EHF       1-DL1EHW
   2-DL1EJD       3-DL1EKC       2-DL1ENZ       1-DL1EP        3-DL1ESZ
   6-DL1EV        6-DL1FCU       5-DL1FX        6-DL1GAJ       4-DL1GCD
   7-DL1GFM       4-DL1GJ       15-DL1GKK       2-DL1GME       4-DL1GRC
   3-DL1GTG       2-DL1GWW       2-DL1HAZ       2-DL1HDL       3-DL1HI
   3-DL1HMJ       2-DL1HWG      12-DL1HWK       2-DL1IGC       3-DL1IP
   4-DL1JBE       2-DL1JN        3-DL1KAS      13-DL1KCQ       3-DL1KFL
   4-DL1KSV       2-DL1LOL       4-DL1LRM       2-DL1LTK       9-DL1MBV
   6-DL1MCS       5-DL1MF        4-DL1MHM       4-DL1MKJ       3-DL1MKK
   5-DL1MMK       3-DL1NCH       3-DL1NFR       9-DL1NT        4-DL1OF
   6-DL1PQ        4-DL1PT        1-DL1RDB       1-DL1RSE       3-DL1RSQ
   4-DL1SAN       2-DL1SBD       4-DL1SDX       8-DL1SEH       4-DL1SER
   2-DL1SHA       2-DL1SL        6-DL1TCW       1-DL1TT        5-DL1VL
   2-DL1WER       4-DL1XMS       8-DL1YAY       3-DL1YCG       2-DL1YHL
   4-DL1YMS       2-DL1ZBB       7-DL1ZG        4-DL1ZP        2-DL1ZU
   2-DL2AB        3-DL2AL        5-DL2ALE       3-DL2AOM       3-DL2BAL
   2-DL2BBO       4-DL2BCM       3-DL2BFK       3-DL2BQA       1-DL2DBG
   2-DL2DBS       4-DL2EB        2-DL2F         6-DL2FBI       3-DL2FCQ
   6-DL2FDL       1-DL2FX       15-DL2GAG       4-DL2GAN       4-DL2GMS
   3-DL2GRF       5-DL2GWA       2-DL2GX       15-DL2HAH       2-DL2HBJ
   4-DL2IC        5-DL2IR       15-DL2JA        3-DL2JK        2-DL2KBC
   3-DL2KCD       5-DL2KCK       4-DL2KHP       4-DL2KL        7-DL2KTH
   2-DL2KY       12-DL2LAU       2-DL2MI        1-DL2MST       4-DL2MUC
   5-DL2NAE       3-DL2NED       8-DL2NEP       7-DL2NI        3-DL2PK
   3-DL2QB        4-DL2RH        2-DL2RLA       1-DL2SAS       1-DL2SBA
   2-DL2SFO       1-DL2SUH       3-DL2TM        2-DL2TXT      11-DL2UD
   3-DL2VLL       1-DL2WB        3-DL2WJT       6-DL2XL        1-DL2XLT
   3-DL2XM       10-DL2XY        7-DL2YED       2-DL2YZ        1-DL3AAV
   5-DL3AGB       3-DL3AO        4-DL3AS        2-DL3BLA       2-DL3DAA
   4-DL3DTH       4-DL3EL        6-DL3FAJ       5-DL3GAK      15-DL3GBE
   3-DL3GC        6-DL3GJ        2-DL3HBT       1-DL3HTF      15-DL3IAD
   5-DL3IAK       3-DL3IAS       2-DL3IAW       1-DL3IG        8-DL3JMM
   2-DL3JPN       2-DL3KAV       2-DL3KCP       4-DL3KJ        1-DL3KSB
   2-DL3MEA       1-DL3MFQ       2-DL3MII       2-DL3MPK       9-DL3NAQ
  15-DL3NBY       5-DL3NCS       8-DL3NEP       6-DL3NEY       8-DL3NGN
   2-DL3OH        5-DL3OM        2-DL3RR        3-DL3RTL       8-DL3SAT
   2-DL3SDN       9-DL3SEG       2-DL3ST        3-DL3TM        5-DL3TN
   3-DL3TU        7-DL3WR       15-DL3YAV       7-DL3YBZ       2-DL3YDY
   6-DL3ZID       8-DL4ABB       3-DL4AH        2-DL4APJ       5-DL4ASI
   3-DL4AXL       2-DL4BHA      10-DL4DCL      12-DL4DTL      13-DL4EAI
   5-DL4FDI      12-DL4FO        2-DL4GAG       9-DL4GBF       9-DL4GP
   1-DL4GV        1-DL4HO        1-DL4HQH       5-DL4IB        3-DL4INA
   4-DL4JE        1-DL4MAR       3-DL4MAT       3-DL4MBS       2-DL4MFA
  15-DL4MFC       2-DL4MFR       4-DL4MJ        4-DL4MTL       2-DL4NWM
   3-DL4OAM       1-DL4OBR       2-DL4PJ       11-DL4PU        6-DL4QB
   5-DL4QW        1-DL4RAJ      12-DL4RDJ       3-DL4ROB      13-DL4RU
  15-DL4SBK       7-DL4SKY       1-DL4TJ        2-DL4TMA       8-DL4TOM
   3-DL4UP        6-DL4UY        2-DL4VK        7-DL4WF       15-DL4XJ
  15-DL4XU        2-DL4YHF       3-DL4YM        4-DL5AB        4-DL5AKF
   3-DL5ALW       2-DL5ARG       3-DL5BO        1-DL5CG        1-DL5DAC
   5-DL5DCK       2-DL5DL        3-DL5DM        6-DL5ERJ       3-DL5FJW
   2-DL5HAQ       2-DL5HAT       9-DL5HCK       2-DL5HCR       8-DL5HG
   4-DL5IF        4-DL5JM        2-DL5KAT       5-DL5KDF       3-DL5KL
   4-DL5KMS      23-DL5LAC       2-DL5MCC      12-DL5MCN      11-DL5MDZ
   4-DL5MFT       2-DL5MKH       2-DL5NDM       2-DL5OG        2-DL5QY
  18-DL5RBD       2-DL5RFK       2-DL5SDG      13-DL5SFB       2-DL5SGO
   8-DL5TKL       3-DL5TM        2-DL5TW        3-DL5TX        2-DL5UR
   4-DL5WS        3-DL5XL        6-DL5XN        2-DL5YEJ       2-DL6ABF
   5-DL6AL        5-DL6BAT       8-DL6CA        3-DL6DBA       8-DL6DBN
   5-DL6DCD       3-DL6DU        2-DL6EAC       1-DL6EBP       8-DL6FCB
   1-DL6HTF       6-DL6II        5-DL6JH        2-DL6JOS       6-DL6MHC
   3-DL6MHT       5-DL6NAC       3-DL6NBC       3-DL6NEJ       1-DL6NL
   4-DL6OAA       1-DL6OAP       4-DL6OH        3-DL6OW        1-DL6OWA
   8-DL6PI        9-DL6RCN       7-DL6SB        5-DL6SBD       3-DL6SMA
   3-DL6TS       15-DL6TY        2-DL6UTG       3-DL6WAB       4-DL6WZ
   1-DL6YCQ      15-DL6YCU       1-DL6YYM       4-DL6ZB        3-DL7ACN
   7-DL7ADG       3-DL7AG        3-DL7AIR      10-DL7AJM       2-DL7ATR
   3-DL7AU        1-DL7AVJ       2-DL7AWA      11-DL7CHR       7-DL7DAZ
   2-DL7DBM       3-DL7DC        4-DL7ED        2-DL7FO        6-DL7FP
   4-DL7IGK       2-DL7JKD       1-DL7JMJ       2-DL7JRX       4-DL7KO
   2-DL7LF        2-DL7MAP       9-DL7MHW      14-DL7NN        2-DL7PJ
   2-DL7PV        2-DL7SEW       7-DL7UAW       2-DL7UMG       4-DL7UML
   9-DL7UP        3-DL7USC       2-DL7VAR       4-DL7VEA       1-DL7VOE
   1-DL8BB        2-DL8BCJ       7-DL8BCN       5-DL8BEG       8-DL8BO
   3-DL8CQ       13-DL8DBU       2-DL8DH        7-DL8EBK       2-DL8EDC
   2-DL8FBH       2-DL8FCK      22-DL8FCL       6-DL8GAP       6-DL8GBQ
   3-DL8GJA       2-DL8HXP       2-DL8JDX       2-DL8JV       14-DL8KCW
   5-DL8LDN       3-DL8MFH       7-DL8MFW       2-DL8NBD       4-DL8NEB
   3-DL8NFA       2-DL8OBE       9-DL8QL        9-DL8RAM       7-DL8RBR
   5-DL8RBX       3-DL8RBY      15-DL8ROA       2-DL8SBD       8-DL8SEE
   1-DL8SEL       4-DL8WJH      17-DL8YCA       3-DL8ZAJ      14-DL9BAU
   5-DL9BJ        1-DL9CHR       2-DL9DAN       5-DL9DAT       2-DL9DBF
   2-DL9DS        6-DL9EAC       2-DL9EBF      11-DL9EN        5-DL9EVO
   7-DL9FE        6-DL9GBH      18-DL9GCW       4-DL9HM        2-DL9IU
   3-DL9KWA       7-DL9LBG       2-DL9LJ        4-DL9MAC       2-DL9MU
   3-DL9NR        3-DL9OBM       1-DL9OW        2-DL9RDM       2-DL9SAD
   6-DL9SBI       4-DL9SCO       3-DL9SEV       2-DL9TR        2-DL9TX
   1-DL9UPJ       3-DL9XJ        9-DL9YG        1-DL9ZAL


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