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  DF2JP - 2020-05 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 3501 to 3600
  DF2JP - 2020-05 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With DF

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202005/##)
 -----  -----  1      05/   DF2JP*
  3284      -     38  05/27     38 Sptrs27
  3336      -         05/28
  3408      -         05/29
  3475      -         05/30
  3531      -         05/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with DF
   2-DF0DRB       1-DF0KL        1-DF12R        9-DF1AJ       14-DF1DGE
   2-DF1DR        2-DF1DX        1-DF1EA        3-DF1GC       14-DF1GD
   4-DF1GN        4-DF1HK        2-DF1JB        5-DF1KU        5-DF1LK
   5-DF1PB        6-DF1QQ        4-DF1SGH       2-DF1VB        5-DF1XC
   2-DF1YQ        4-DF2AC        1-DF2FA        2-DF2HB        6-DF2IC
  11-DF2JI        1-DF2JP        2-DF2KX       14-DF2LS       15-DF2LV
   1-DF2MR        2-DF2NU       10-DF2NV        2-DF2OF        1-DF2TS
   5-DF2UU        1-DF2YB        4-DF3AF        4-DF3DT        4-DF3EY
   2-DF3FS        1-DF3GF       13-DF3GY       13-DF3HM        4-DF3NA
   3-DF3NBM      10-DF3ND       12-DF3OT        4-DF3PG        2-DF3RD
   7-DF3TS        9-DF3WG        2-DF3XY        1-DF3YG        4-DF3ZS
   2-DF4BM        3-DF4DX        4-DF4FM       10-DF4FZ        6-DF4IAF
   4-DF4IE        4-DF4IP       10-DF4JH       12-DF4PV        9-DF4UE
   2-DF4WC       13-DF4WV        4-DF4XI        2-DF5CT        3-DF5DG
  15-DF5EM       15-DF5FH        4-DF5JL        2-DF5KE        3-DF5MV
   4-DF5PW        2-DF5RA        3-DF5SF        8-DF5XB        3-DF5YT
   7-DF6DO       19-DF6DOM       1-DF6FE        4-DF6FV        1-DF6HE
  13-DF6HN        2-DF6KM        1-DF6LT        9-DF6NM        8-DF6PA
   1-DF6PW        8-DF6RI       10-DF6SM        2-DF6VCC       3-DF6XL
   4-DF6XX        2-DF7CB       15-DF7DC        3-DF7FG        5-DF7FR
   2-DF7GB        4-DF7IH        4-DF7II        4-DF7LA        7-DF7OA
   1-DF7PE        4-DF7PN        5-DF7RW        3-DF7TW        4-DF7UN
   5-DF7XH        5-DF8DL        4-DF8FF        1-DF8FH        2-DF8HS
   1-DF8IU        2-DF8JO        5-DF8JR        1-DF8OE        4-DF8PI
   8-DF8RT        2-DF8TH        6-DF8TM        8-DF8UO        2-DF9AX
   2-DF9CY        6-DF9DX        7-DF9FM       13-DF9HJ       15-DF9JL
   2-DF9PM        2-DF9TZ        2-DF9VN        3-DF9XZ        8-DF9YW


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