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  W1NT - 2020-05 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 3401 to 3500
  W1NT - 2020-05 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With W1

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202005/##)
 -----  -----  1      05/   W1NT*
  3315      -     42  05/29     42 Sptrs29
  3380      -         05/30
  3430      -         05/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with W1
   5-W1AMW        6-W1AW         2-W1CDO       16-W1CEW       13-W1CK
   2-W1CKI        1-W1CLK        6-W1DR         3-W1EAA        4-W1EDR
   2-W1EL         8-W1EQX        1-W1EUJ        6-W1EZ         2-W1FIT
   4-W1FRV        4-W1FS        13-W1FVB        2-W1FYL        9-W1GLO
   3-W1GWS        2-W1HAF        1-W1HB        17-W1HMM        4-W1IP
  11-W1IR         7-W1IZZ        6-W1JAB        5-W1JAC        2-W1JFR
   3-W1JKU        1-W1JS         1-W1JV         2-W1JWM        3-W1KIX
   5-W1KOK        2-W1KRB        5-W1LAG        3-W1LLO        1-W1LMS
   5-W1MDM        1-W1MI         2-W1NDS        2-W1NEB        5-W1NEJ
   1-W1NJC        1-W1NT         2-W1OWL       11-W1PID       14-W1QG
   4-W1RER        2-W1RET        4-W1RVL        2-W1SBW        2-W1SHS
   4-W1SRR        6-W1SS         2-W1STA        2-W1TC         3-W1TKA
   2-W1TLK       10-W1TWS        2-W1UEA        3-W1VET        1-W1VK
   1-W1VLF        4-W1VR         2-W1WRA       14-W1XP         2-W1XWX
   6-W1ZE         3-W1ZID        5-W1ZOT        2-W1ZPB


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