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  VK5AW - 2018-12 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 4701 to 4800
  VK5AW - 2018-12 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With VK5

  VK5AW - 2-way WSPR Reports - VK5AW-QF05 - 2018-July

  VK5AW - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - VK5AW-QF05 - (rank-3077)-2018-January
  VK5AW - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - VK5AW-QF05 - (rank-2750)-2018-April
  VK5AW - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - VK5AW-QF05 - (rank-2085)-2018-July

 SPTRS  SPOTS (201812/##)
 -----  -----  1      12/   VK5AW*
  1133      -      1  12/01      1 Sptrs01
  1470      -         12/02
  1653      -         12/03
  1824      -         12/04
  1862      -      2  12/05      2 Sptrs05
  1987      -         12/06
  2100      -         12/07
  2260      -         12/08
  2416      -         12/09
  2534      -         12/10
  2654      -         12/11
  2762      -         12/12
  2864      -         12/13
  2954      -         12/14
  3102      -         12/15
  3266      -         12/16
  3351      -         12/17
  3421      -         12/18
  3524      -         12/19
  3584      -         12/20
  3668      -         12/21
  3774      -         12/22
  3903      -         12/23
  3992      -         12/24
  4078      -         12/25
  4165      -         12/26
  4256      -         12/27
  4336      -         12/28
  4434      -         12/29
  4527      -         12/30
  4615      -         12/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with VK
  12-VK1AAH       7-VK1BF        1-VK1CM        5-VK1DJA       9-VK1DSH
   5-VK1DW        6-VK1EV        1-VK1FZEL      2-VK1HMS      11-VK1JA
  10-VK1KF       15-VK1KW       13-VK1MIC       4-VK1MT        7-VK1POP
   4-VK1TKA       1-VK1TKB      17-VK1UN        5-VK1UP        5-VK1WX
   1-VK2010SWL    2-VK2AAF       4-VK2AAK       2-VK2AHB       2-VK2AKH
   7-VK2ALC       6-VK2ALR       4-VK2ALS       6-VK2APL       2-VK2AR
   7-VK2ARL       3-VK2ATZ       4-VK2AZ        6-VK2BGL      13-VK2BLS
  14-VK2BMU       1-VK2BRM       2-VK2BY        5-VK2BYF       2-VK2CBD
   5-VK2CBL       4-VK2CCR       8-VK2CDS       1-VK2CEL       4-VK2CJB
   2-VK2COW      12-VK2CPR       2-VK2CRK       2-VK2CSW       3-VK2DCJ
  11-VK2DCT       4-VK2DDS      11-VK2DGH       2-VK2DI        9-VK2DKM
   4-VK2DLI       2-VK2DLR       5-VK2DRH      13-VK2DVM       2-VK2DVZ
   9-VK2DXM      12-VK2EBN      11-VK2EFM       7-VK2EIK       3-VK2EJW
  10-VK2EMA       2-VK2EVB       8-VK2FAD       2-VK2FGV       5-VK2FJ
   1-VK2FJDA      1-VK2FLR      12-VK2FLY       2-VK2GAZ       1-VK2GMH
   2-VK2GPL       2-VK2GTS       2-VK2GV       15-VK2HC        7-VK2HHS
   3-VK2HL        3-VK2IBE       3-VK2ICW      15-VK2IJM       2-VK2ISO
   1-VK2JFP      19-VK2KCM       9-VK2KDK       4-VK2KMI      12-VK2KNC
  15-VK2KRR       2-VK2KT        8-VK2KWW       9-VK2KYP       6-VK2LGW
   3-VK2LU        9-VK2LX        6-VK2MAX       1-VK2MG        4-VK2MIX
   3-VK2MKD       1-VK2MKE       6-VK2MOR       2-VK2MRN       3-VK2NE
  12-VK2NJP       5-VK2NMZ       7-VK2NP        2-VK2NWB       3-VK2OMD
   3-VK2PMG       2-VK2PN       14-VK2POP      11-VK2PWR       5-VK2QQ
   1-VK2RAS       6-VK2RG       12-VK2RH        7-VK2RT        5-VK2RZ
   4-VK2SVN       7-VK2TGQ       2-VK2TK        7-VK2TPM       3-VK2TS
   4-VK2VSR       2-VK2VV       10-VK2WD        5-VK2WQ        4-VK2XAB
   2-VK2XAL       7-VK2XAX       8-VK2XGJ      15-VK2XN        1-VK2YBX
   8-VK2YOC       5-VK2YW        4-VK2ZEE      15-VK2ZMT       4-VK2ZRD
   6-VK3AAK       5-VK3ACT       5-VK3AE        8-VK3AH       10-VK3AIG
  11-VK3ALZ      10-VK3ANL       4-VK3ANP       7-VK3ANX      15-VK3ART
   2-VK3ASC       6-VK3ATQ       3-VK3AUU       5-VK3AXF       5-VK3AXH
  19-VK3BAL      10-VK3BD        5-VK3BDK       2-VK3BJK       8-VK3BNC
   2-VK3BOB       3-VK3BQ        3-VK3BSP      10-VK3BVW       2-VK3CAB
   1-VK3CBV       2-VK3CR       11-VK3CVF       3-VK3DB        1-VK3DEK
   2-VK3DHI       1-VK3DHW       3-VK3DNH      10-VK3DQL      15-VK3DXE
   3-VK3EDW       1-VK3EI        9-VK3ELH       3-VK3ETE      13-VK3FAC
   1-VK3FADI      1-VK3FDZA      5-VK3FFB       1-VK3FLJD      4-VK3FQJ
   5-VK3FZ        5-VK3GDL       1-VK3GJZ       1-VK3HGW       1-VK3HJ
   2-VK3HOP      15-VK3HP        7-VK3HY        4-VK3ICM      14-VK3II
  11-VK3JL        3-VK3JNI      14-VK3JTM      10-VK3JY       15-VK3KCX
   2-VK3KGR       3-VK3KHZ       8-VK3KKP       3-VK3KQT       2-VK3KTS
   8-VK3KTT       2-VK3LAB       2-VK3LEL       1-VK3LM        2-VK3LSN
  14-VK3LU        2-VK3MAW       3-VK3MDH       9-VK3MEG      12-VK3MHY
  11-VK3MI        2-VK3MJP       2-VK3MM        3-VK3MQ        3-VK3MY
   5-VK3NAB       2-VK3NLK       9-VK3NT        3-VK3OAK       4-VK3OE
   6-VK3OER       6-VK3OF        2-VK3OHM      18-VK3OT        6-VK3PAA
   3-VK3PCM      15-VK3PD        2-VK3PI       11-VK3PP        5-VK3PYE
   2-VK3QB        1-VK3QS        3-VK3RR        1-VK3RZ        2-VK3SAY
   6-VK3SMC       3-VK3TCT       4-VK3TMP       6-VK3TP        8-VK3TTT
  12-VK3TXR       2-VK3UH        2-VK3VB        2-VK3VFX      11-VK3VGB
  11-VK3WE        8-VK3WHO      11-VK3WRE       2-VK3XFX      10-VK3XHM
   4-VK3XL        2-VK3XN        1-VK3XPT      12-VK3YCQ       7-VK3YE
  10-VK3ZAZ      12-VK3ZHY       4-VK3ZSJ      15-VK3ZTE       2-VK3ZU
   6-VK3ZUM       1-VK3ZVE       1-VK3ZZC       4-VK3ZZX       9-VK4AAN
   2-VK4ACN       2-VK4ADC      13-VK4AFU      10-VK4ALF       2-VK4ALH
   4-VK4ALX      17-VK4AQJ       2-VK4ARW       8-VK4ATB       1-VK4AZF
   4-VK4BAP       2-VK4CBW       4-VK4CMV       1-VK4CRO       5-VK4CZ
   3-VK4DA        1-VK4EBP       9-VK4ECW       2-VK4EK        1-VK4FADE
   1-VK4FGKO      7-VK4FLR      14-VK4FP        1-VK4FR        5-VK4GC
   2-VK4GLA       5-VK4GRM       2-VK4GRZ       5-VK4HAT       4-VK4HDQ
  10-VK4HDY       6-VK4HRE       3-VK4HWP       1-VK4ICE       2-VK4IIO
   4-VK4JAO       2-VK4JNA       1-VK4JRC       2-VK4KAY       1-VK4KF
   4-VK4KL        2-VK4KRC       8-VK4KWS       4-VK4LHD       2-VK4MIC
   8-VK4MIL       1-VK4MJF       2-VK4MSA       6-VK4MZ       15-VK4NE
   2-VK4NHX       4-VK4NJB       2-VK4PIE       4-VK4PK        2-VK4PLN
   2-VK4PQ        2-VK4QG        4-VK4QM        4-VK4QW        6-VK4RBC
   6-VK4RE       13-VK4REX       5-VK4RF        5-VK4RR        8-VK4SC
   4-VK4SN        2-VK4SQ        2-VK4TAU      11-VK4TDI       8-VK4TMZ
   3-VK4TQ        2-VK4TUB      15-VK4TVL       3-VK4UC        7-VK4UH
   9-VK4UMS       5-VK4VP        5-VK4WTN       3-VK4WWW      15-VK4XDB
  13-VK4XJB      15-VK4YB        4-VK4YI        2-VK4YPB       7-VK4ZBV
   1-VK4ZE        4-VK4ZEJ       1-VK5001SWL   11-VK5AAR       2-VK5ACY
  13-VK5ADE       6-VK5AJQ      11-VK5AK        3-VK5AKJ      13-VK5AKK
   2-VK5AKM      15-VK5ATN       5-VK5AW       13-VK5AZL       4-VK5BB
  18-VK5BC       14-VK5CV        4-VK5CZ        4-VK5DC        5-VK5DMC
   8-VK5DSP       4-VK5DWC       9-VK5EI        4-VK5EME      15-VK5FQ
   3-VK5FR       15-VK5GF        1-VK5HS        4-VK5KAA       1-VK5KC
   3-VK5KDK       8-VK5KET       5-VK5KJP       3-VK5KTP       2-VK5KV
   6-VK5LA        6-VK5LJG       5-VK5LO        4-VK5MCB       1-VK5MHZ
   7-VK5MK       12-VK5MOB       6-VK5MR        7-VK5NG       14-VK5PJ
   3-VK5PW       10-VK5RM        3-VK5RY        8-VK5ST        2-VK5UV
   7-VK5VC        3-VK5WA        3-VK5WTF       1-VK5WU        5-VK5ZEA
   4-VK5ZII       2-VK5ZIX       5-VK5ZK        6-VK5ZRL       3-VK5ZTS
   3-VK5ZUC       4-VK5ZVS      11-VK5ZX        4-VK6AAO       7-VK6ADF
   3-VK6AKT       3-VK6AS        4-VK6ATI       1-VK6ATX       5-VK6BEK
   2-VK6BL       12-VK6BMT      12-VK6CPU      15-VK6CQ        5-VK6DF
   2-VK6DK        4-VK6DZ        2-VK6EA        2-VK6EH        1-VK6FMPZ
   3-VK6FR        7-VK6HP        1-VK6HV       10-VK6IM        1-VK6IQ
  11-VK6JB        6-VK6JI        7-VK6JR        1-VK6KBY       3-VK6KCH
   3-VK6KP        1-VK6KXW       4-VK6LD        2-VK6LO        9-VK6LX
   2-VK6MAC       1-VK6MMB       6-VK6MP        2-VK6MSC      11-VK6MX
   6-VK6NJP       6-VK6OX        4-VK6PK        5-VK6QK        1-VK6QS
   1-VK6RK        4-VK6RZ       11-VK6TGQ       4-VK6TU        4-VK6TY
   4-VK6UK        2-VK6WE        1-VK6WR        7-VK6XAM       2-VK6XT
   9-VK6YSF       5-VK6ZC        4-VK6ZFG       4-VK6ZMS       5-VK6ZOA
  15-VK6ZT       12-VK7AM        5-VK7AN        4-VK7AU        1-VK7AW
   4-VK7BEN      13-VK7BO       17-VK7DIK       9-VK7DW        3-VK7FB
   1-VK7FLYN      2-VK7HDM      17-VK7HH        6-VK7HKN      13-VK7HRS
   7-VK7JB        4-VK7JJ        2-VK7KJL      13-VK7KPC       5-VK7KRJ
   3-VK7MA        8-VK7MD        3-VK7MF        3-VK7MO        1-VK7OO
  14-VK7PD        2-VK7RF       15-VK7TW        1-VK7VF        4-VK7WLH
   1-VK7ZBX       2-VK7ZCR       3-VK7ZGK       3-VK8AR        6-VK8AW
   3-VK8BN        2-VK8KMD       4-VK8MT        5-VK8RR        4-VK8VWA


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