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  VK2PAG - 2019-08 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 3201 to 3300
  VK2PAG - 2019-08 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With VK
  VK2PAG - 2019-08 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 2501 to 2600
  VK2PAG - 2019-08 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With VK

  VK2PAG - 2-way WSPR Reports - VK2PAG-QF56 - 2019-August

  VK2PAG - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - VK2PAG-QF56 - (rank-1246)-2019-March
  VK2PAG - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - VK2PAG-QF56 - (rank-1673)-2019-August

 SPTRS  SPOTS (201908/##)
 -----  -----  1      08/   VK2PAG*
  2294   2336     27  08/16      8 Sptrs16     19 Spots16
  2392   2435         08/17
  2409   2531      2  08/18      2 Sptrs18
  2211   2490     12  08/19      7 Sptrs19      5 Spots19
  2270   2561         08/20
  2263   2609      2  08/21      2 Sptrs21
  2300   2661         08/22
  2343   2712         08/23
  2434   2806         08/24
  2517   2895         08/25
  2578   2952         08/26
  2613   3001         08/27
  2644   3043         08/28
  2606   3090      3  08/29      3 Sptrs29
  2550   3142      3  08/30      3 Sptrs30
  2564   3176      2  08/31      1 Sptrs31      1 Spots31

  ALL Callsigns starting with VK
  13-VK1AAH       4-VK1AMG       1-VK1ANK       6-VK1BF        3-VK1CM
   3-VK1DSH       2-VK1DW        8-VK1EV        1-VK1FZEL      3-VK1HMS
  13-VK1JA        5-VK1KF       15-VK1KW       15-VK1MIC       4-VK1MT
   6-VK1POP       4-VK1PP        1-VK1SV        2-VK1TKA       9-VK1UN
   3-VK1UP        3-VK1WX        9-VK1XX        3-VK2AAF       6-VK2AAK
   2-VK2AEA       3-VK2ALC       3-VK2ALS       2-VK2APL       4-VK2ARL
   1-VK2ATZ       8-VK2AV        6-VK2AZ        3-VK2BGL      15-VK2BLS
  15-VK2BMU       4-VK2BRM       4-VK2BYF       6-VK2CBD       1-VK2CCC
  10-VK2CDS       1-VK2CEL      14-VK2CJB       2-VK2CMP       2-VK2CNN
   4-VK2COW       8-VK2CPR      11-VK2DCT       1-VK2DDI       1-VK2DDS
   8-VK2DGH       5-VK2DKM       7-VK2DLI       2-VK2DLR       4-VK2DOC
   3-VK2DRH      13-VK2DVM       6-VK2DXM      10-VK2EBN      11-VK2EFM
   2-VK2EIK      12-VK2EMA       2-VK2EVB      12-VK2FAD       7-VK2FJ
  16-VK2FLY       1-VK2FS        4-VK2GHO       4-VK2GR        3-VK2GTS
   2-VK2GU        2-VK2GV       15-VK2HC        4-VK2HHS      10-VK2HL
   2-VK2IBE       5-VK2IE       17-VK2IJM       2-VK2ISO       2-VK2IZZ
   2-VK2JDS       1-VK2JFP       2-VK2KB       34-VK2KCM       4-VK2KDK
   2-VK2KFN       3-VK2KMI       9-VK2KNC      15-VK2KRR       8-VK2KWW
  10-VK2KYP       4-VK2LU       10-VK2LX        2-VK2MAL      13-VK2MAX
   2-VK2MGM       2-VK2MIX       5-VK2MOR       4-VK2MUS       4-VK2NA
  15-VK2NJP       5-VK2NMZ       3-VK2NP        4-VK2NR        3-VK2NWB
   1-VK2OB        5-VK2PAG       2-VK2PDW       3-VK2PMG       3-VK2PNH
  11-VK2POP       4-VK2PR        5-VK2PWR       2-VK2QQ        2-VK2QV
  11-VK2RG       12-VK2RH        3-VK2RT        2-VK2SPB       2-VK2TK
  11-VK2TPM       2-VK2TRD       3-VK2TS        2-VK2TTL       1-VK2TWR
   7-VK2VAR       6-VK2VJB       3-VK2VL        6-VK2VSR      12-VK2WD
  10-VK2WQ        7-VK2WTF       3-VK2XAB       2-VK2XAL       5-VK2XAX
   4-VK2XDG       9-VK2XGJ       3-VK2XMC      12-VK2XN        1-VK2YBX
   2-VK2YD        2-VK2YE        3-VK2YOC      10-VK2YW        6-VK2ZEE
  14-VK2ZMT       4-VK2ZRD       6-VK3AAK       2-VK3ACT       5-VK3AE
   2-VK3AFW       5-VK3AH       11-VK3AIG      10-VK3ALZ       8-VK3ANL
   7-VK3ANP       8-VK3ANX      13-VK3ART       2-VK3ASC       8-VK3ATQ
   5-VK3AUU       4-VK3AXF       4-VK3AXH      15-VK3BAL      10-VK3BD
   6-VK3BE       10-VK3BNC       5-VK3BQ        6-VK3BSP      14-VK3BVW
   1-VK3CBV       1-VK3CCR       2-VK3CDE       3-VK3CO        2-VK3CR
   2-VK3CRG      10-VK3CVF       1-VK3DB       11-VK3DEK       2-VK3DNH
  12-VK3DQL      15-VK3DXE       5-VK3ELH       5-VK3FAC       1-VK3FADI
   1-VK3FDZA      5-VK3FIN       2-VK3FQJ       1-VK3FSPD     10-VK3FZ
   8-VK3GDL       1-VK3GJZ       2-VK3GY        2-VK3GYH      15-VK3HP
   9-VK3HY        3-VK3ICM      15-VK3II        9-VK3JL        4-VK3JNI
   7-VK3JPK      14-VK3JTM       7-VK3JY       15-VK3KCX       4-VK3KEZ
   5-VK3KGR       5-VK3KHZ       8-VK3KKP      15-VK3KTT       2-VK3KW
   2-VK3KZM       2-VK3LEL       2-VK3LM        7-VK3LSN      13-VK3LU
   1-VK3MH       13-VK3MHY      15-VK3MI        2-VK3MM        2-VK3MQ
   7-VK3NFI       1-VK3NQS       5-VK3NT        5-VK3OAK       5-VK3OE
   4-VK3OER       3-VK3OF        2-VK3OQ       13-VK3OT        2-VK3PAA
   2-VK3PBJ      15-VK3PD        2-VK3PI        5-VK3PP        2-VK3QB
   4-VK3QD       12-VK3RR        1-VK3RZ        2-VK3SAY       3-VK3SMC
   1-VK3ST        3-VK3TCT       7-VK3TLW       3-VK3TMP       1-VK3TP
   4-VK3TTT       8-VK3TXR       5-VK3VB        3-VK3VFX       3-VK3VGB
   4-VK3WE       11-VK3WHO      12-VK3WRE       1-VK3XFX      10-VK3XHM
   3-VK3XL        1-VK3XZ        6-VK3YCQ       9-VK3YE        5-VK3YNV
   2-VK3YPE       2-VK3YY       11-VK3ZAZ       9-VK3ZHY       4-VK3ZJ
   2-VK3ZLT       2-VK3ZNK       4-VK3ZSJ      15-VK3ZTE       6-VK3ZU
   3-VK3ZUM       6-VK3ZYC       8-VK4AAN       1-VK4ADC      10-VK4AFU
   9-VK4ALF       2-VK4APF      16-VK4AQJ       5-VK4ARW       6-VK4ATB
   6-VK4AZF       5-VK4BAP       4-VK4BLK       2-VK4CBW       7-VK4CMV
   4-VK4CPS       4-VK4CT        3-VK4CZ        2-VK4DA        4-VK4EA
   2-VK4EBP       5-VK4ECW       1-VK4EJW       3-VK4EK       11-VK4EKA
   4-VK4EMM       3-VK4EMS       2-VK4EPA       1-VK4FADE      6-VK4FLR
   6-VK4FP        2-VK4FR        4-VK4GC        3-VK4GRM       2-VK4GRZ
   4-VK4HAT       3-VK4HDQ       6-VK4HDY       3-VK4HID       3-VK4HKK
   2-VK4HRE       3-VK4ICE       7-VK4JAO       1-VK4JBY       2-VK4KHZ
   5-VK4KL       11-VK4KWS       3-VK4LHD       1-VK4MGL       2-VK4MIC
  11-VK4MIL       2-VK4MZ       14-VK4NE        7-VK4NHX       2-VK4NJB
   8-VK4PIE       1-VK4PQ        1-VK4PR        5-VK4QG        3-VK4QM
   6-VK4QW       15-VK4RBC       6-VK4RE        6-VK4REX       3-VK4RF
   4-VK4RR       10-VK4SC        1-VK4SDRRX     2-VK4SN        2-VK4TAU
   6-VK4TDI       5-VK4TMZ       8-VK4TVL      10-VK4UH        8-VK4UMS
   3-VK4VP        5-VK4WTN       6-VK4WWW      15-VK4XDB      13-VK4XJB
  15-VK4YB        4-VK4YI        3-VK4YOB       1-VK4ZE       20-VK5AAR
   7-VK5ADE       6-VK5AJQ      10-VK5AK        2-VK5AKJ      14-VK5AKK
  15-VK5ATN      14-VK5AZL       2-VK5BB       17-VK5BC       14-VK5CV
   5-VK5CZ        2-VK5DC        5-VK5DMC       3-VK5DSP       1-VK5DWC
  12-VK5EI        2-VK5EME      15-VK5FQ       15-VK5GF       13-VK5KET
  10-VK5KH        4-VK5KJP       2-VK5LA        5-VK5LJG       5-VK5LO
   4-VK5MAD       3-VK5MCB       2-VK5MH        2-VK5MHZ       2-VK5MK
   7-VK5MOB       1-VK5MR        5-VK5NG        4-VK5PE       13-VK5PJ
   2-VK5PW        9-VK5RM        8-VK5RY        8-VK5ST        1-VK5UV
   4-VK5VC        5-VK5WA        2-VK5WTF       2-VK5ZAG       3-VK5ZEA
   7-VK5ZK       11-VK5ZRL       2-VK5ZUC      13-VK5ZX        2-VK6AAL
   4-VK6ADF       1-VK6AKT       1-VK6AS        5-VK6ATI       3-VK6ATX
   2-VK6AW        6-VK6BEK       2-VK6BG        4-VK6BMT       2-VK6BMW
   2-VK6CE       11-VK6CPU      14-VK6CQ        3-VK6DF        2-VK6DK
   2-VK6EH        2-VK6EI        6-VK6FR        4-VK6GC        4-VK6HAE
   8-VK6HIL       3-VK6HP       11-VK6IM        6-VK6JB        3-VK6JI
   6-VK6JR        3-VK6KBY       1-VK6KXW       6-VK6LAP       4-VK6LD
  15-VK6LX        1-VK6MAC      14-VK6MX        4-VK6NJP       2-VK6NK
   4-VK6OX        2-VK6PK        3-VK6POP       1-VK6QS        2-VK6RZ
   8-VK6TGQ       2-VK6TU        7-VK6WR        9-VK6XAM       2-VK6XT
   5-VK6YSF       3-VK6ZOA      14-VK6ZT        8-VK7AM       13-VK7AN
   2-VK7AP        2-VK7BEN      12-VK7BO       15-VK7DIK      12-VK7DW
   2-VK7FB       23-VK7HH        1-VK7HKN      11-VK7HRS       3-VK7JAM
  11-VK7JB        1-VK7JJ       11-VK7KPC       4-VK7KRJ       9-VK7MD
   3-VK7MF        2-VK7MHZ       2-VK7MR        5-VK7NET       2-VK7OR
  14-VK7PD        2-VK7RF        8-VK7TW        1-VK7VF        3-VK7WLH
   3-VK7ZBX       2-VK7ZGK       2-VK8BN        4-VK8JG        2-VK8KMD
   4-VK8LLA       4-VK8MA        3-VK8MT        3-VK8PLT       3-VK8RR
   6-VK8VWA       3-VK8ZI        2-VK8ZJZ


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