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  SP7GTA - 2020-07 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 3401 to 3500
  SP7GTA - 2020-07 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With SP

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202007/##)
 -----  -----  1      07/   SP7GTA*
  3412      -     19  07/30     19 Sptrs30
  3465      -         07/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with SP
   2-SP1CBP       2-SP1HN        2-SP1JXJ       1-SP1KK        1-SP1VOX
   2-SP2AEG       4-SP2EWQ       4-SP2FOV       2-SP2HBS       3-SP2HCA
   2-SP2XDF       2-SP3BES       2-SP3CMX       4-SP3GTP       4-SP3IEW
   4-SP3JP        1-SP3MCY       3-SP3U         3-SP3UKK       4-SP3WWD
   4-SP3XTY       2-SP4DE        2-SP4QRP      10-SP4XYD       1-SP5AAJ
   2-SP5GDX       2-SP5GP        8-SP5ISZ       6-SP5JP        3-SP5ME
   5-SP5MI        2-SP5NHT       2-SP5NOF       1-SP5OC       13-SP5OSF
  12-SP5QAD       2-SP5TAT       4-SP5TMS       2-SP5UX        3-SP5VIH
   4-SP5WAZ       1-SP5XSB       2-SP6BTC       3-SP6CTC       1-SP6DYD
   9-SP6GJY       1-SP6KKM       5-SP6LUN       4-SP6MRU       2-SP6OJE
   3-SP6QKP       6-SP6VWX       5-SP6WTS       1-SP7GTA       3-SP7IIT
   2-SP7MWK       2-SP7VLS       9-SP7WT        2-SP8EA        2-SP8GOL
   2-SP8NCG       2-SP8SD        1-SP9BIF       2-SP9HGN       2-SP9IZM
   2-SP9JP        2-SP9K         3-SP9LJE      14-SP9MLI      11-SP9MUF
   2-SP9NSA       2-SP9RW        2-SP9TTG       1-SP9TTT       6-SP9VNR
   4-SP9WFJ       2-SP9WPN      13-SP9WTC


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