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  PD4VCC - 2019-08 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 2301 to 2400
  PD4VCC - 2019-08 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With PD

 SPTRS  SPOTS (201908/##)
 -----  -----  1      08/   PD4VCC*
     -   2324     71  08/31                    71 Spots31

  ALL Callsigns starting with PD
   4-PD0AG        2-PD0AGS       4-PD0ALX       3-PD0AT        1-PD0AV
   2-PD0CQ        4-PD0DGK       1-PD0DH        1-PD0DNL       4-PD0GV
  10-PD0HF        2-PD0HLA       3-PD0HVL       6-PD0JAC       5-PD0JDB
   2-PD0JEW       4-PD0JOB       2-PD0JT        5-PD0KDN       4-PD0MBZ
   3-PD0ME        2-PD0MNO       2-PD0MVL      18-PD0OHW       2-PD0ORT
   1-PD0PHA       7-PD0PNQ       3-PD0PVR       2-PD0RKA       9-PD0RLF
  15-PD0RLX       2-PD0RVU       2-PD0RXP       1-PD0SBH       3-PD0SBS
   8-PD0SBX       4-PD0SOT       6-PD0WAG       1-PD0WIM       5-PD0ZA
   7-PD1AB        2-PD1ABO      10-PD1AJJ       1-PD1AKT       4-PD1ANB
   2-PD1ANC       3-PD1B         3-PD1BCL       2-PD1BU        3-PD1CC
   2-PD1CMP       8-PD1FZL       3-PD1JFB       3-PD1JKS       5-PD1JOL
   5-PD1JSV       6-PD1K         4-PD1MZD       2-PD1PDR       3-PD1PIM
   7-PD1RA        3-PD1RON       1-PD1RP        8-PD1RWK      11-PD1V
   6-PD1WAT       2-PD1WO        2-PD2AA        2-PD2AD        3-PD2ATG
   2-PD2B         2-PD2EAW       3-PD2EMP       7-PD2EZ        2-PD2F
   4-PD2HAB       3-PD2LEO       2-PD2MAC       2-PD2MST      15-PD2PCH
   4-PD2RPS       3-PD2TON       2-PD2WR       10-PD3AJ        4-PD3ATM
  10-PD3DJV       2-PD3EDA       2-PD3HF        1-PD3RFR      10-PD3SWO
   6-PD4BOR      15-PD4JSE       3-PD4JSP       2-PD4KK        1-PD4LYN
   5-PD4MSW       5-PD4PA        1-PD4VCC       4-PD5BUS      15-PD5GEA
  10-PD5JVD       1-PD5LWD      17-PD5MVH      10-PD5RAY       1-PD5S
   4-PD7ARN       3-PD7AVR       8-PD7BDN       4-PD7FBK       3-PD7JK
   2-PD7MV        2-PD7NWH       2-PD7R         8-PD7RON       4-PD7WL
   8-PD8GZ        9-PD9AS        2-PD9FER       2-PD9JK        3-PD9K


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