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  ON8ODK - 2019-12 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 2501 to 2600
  ON8ODK - 2019-12 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With ON

 SPTRS  SPOTS (201912/##)
 -----  -----  1      12/   ON8ODK*
     -   3117     49  12/29                    49 Spots29
     -   2773     23  12/30                    23 Spots30
     -   2573     16  12/31                    16 Spots31

  ALL Callsigns starting with ON
  15-ON0ODR       1-ON0VRN       2-ON1ACB       1-ON1AFF       3-ON1AK
   1-ON1KW        6-ON2AD        2-ON2AJ        4-ON2CQ       15-ON2KDL
   3-ON2TD        2-ON3ABR      11-ON3ATE       2-ON3BI        6-ON3BM
   4-ON3CQ        4-ON3FV        4-ON3IT        4-ON3JT        2-ON3KDM
   4-ON3KMP       3-ON3LA        2-ON3LX        5-ON3MK        3-ON3RAJ
   2-ON3SRC       1-ON3URE       3-ON3URT       5-ON3VOX       4-ON3WVT
  10-ON3ZOE       2-ON4ABL       5-ON4ABS       2-ON4AGM       1-ON4AGP
   7-ON4ALV       4-ON4AWM       6-ON4BWT       3-ON4CAZ      14-ON4CDJ
   1-ON4CDR       4-ON4CE        2-ON4CHD       6-ON4EDG       3-ON4FVB
   2-ON4GPN       2-ON4IPR       7-ON4KCD       5-ON4KDV       1-ON4KME
   8-ON4KSB      10-ON4KTJ       4-ON4LAO       2-ON4LBF       1-ON4LDU
   2-ON4LGD       2-ON4LS        6-ON4LUC       1-ON4LUK      14-ON4PB
   1-ON4PDV       2-ON4QI        2-ON4QZ        1-ON4RDB       2-ON4VF
   5-ON4VH        2-ON4VP       13-ON4WS        2-ON4WZ        2-ON4ZP
  15-ON5DC        9-ON5DVA       3-ON5EDM       2-ON5FV        8-ON5HB
   3-ON5HY        4-ON5KQ        6-ON5LT        2-ON5MB        4-ON5PER
   1-ON5PVD       5-ON5QB        5-ON5RZ        2-ON5SA        2-ON5TA
   3-ON5TB        4-ON5UN        2-ON5UQ        9-ON5VC        4-ON5VW
   4-ON5YA        2-ON6EO        6-ON6FDP       3-ON6FU        2-ON6FV
   3-ON6FY        2-ON6JY        4-ON6KE        4-ON6LS        8-ON6MU
   2-ON6NW        5-ON6OM        4-ON6PH        3-ON6VG        1-ON6YM
   2-ON6YP       15-ON7AN        3-ON7ASL      11-ON7BH        4-ON7BWT
   2-ON7CL        2-ON7DE       10-ON7DS        3-ON7DY        3-ON7ER
   4-ON7HC        6-ON7IVE      15-ON7KB       15-ON7KO        4-ON7LG
   8-ON7LSP       2-ON7MJB       2-ON7NDR       4-ON7NR        5-ON7QF
   1-ON7QR        5-ON7SD        6-ON7SH        3-ON7TA        3-ON7XT
   7-ON7XX        7-ON7ZO        5-ON8DNY       1-ON8DSW      10-ON8EC
   3-ON8IM        2-ON8NT        1-ON8ODK       5-ON9CB


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