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  M0JRW - 2019-12 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 2101 to 2200
  M0JRW - 2019-12 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With M0

 SPTRS  SPOTS (201912/##)
 -----  -----  1      12/   M0JRW*
     -   1338    112  12/14                   112 Spots14
     -   1425         12/15
     -   1481         12/16
     -   1534         12/17
     -   1564         12/18
     -   1607         12/19
     -   1647         12/20
     -   1705         12/21
     -   1782         12/22
     -   1746      8  12/23                     8 Spots23
     -   1803         12/24
     -   1855         12/25
     -   1897         12/26
     -   1939         12/27
     -   2001         12/28
     -   2067         12/29
     -   2118         12/30
     -   2160         12/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with M0
   1-M01XU        1-M09OFX       1-M0AAG        3-M0AAP        5-M0ACM
   9-M0AFJ        5-M0AFZ        5-M0AHN        3-M0AIJ        3-M0AKJ
   1-M0AQY        2-M0ASR        3-M0BAO        3-M0BGR        2-M0BHN
   5-M0BIW        4-M0BLF        1-M0BLP        7-M0BMN        2-M0BNZ
   6-M0BOB        2-M0BOL        2-M0BPM        1-M0CFM        2-M0CHE
   1-M0CJS        4-M0CKE        2-M0CLH        3-M0CRO        3-M0CRX
   4-M0CUK        7-M0CUQ        3-M0CUV        3-M0CVO        2-M0DAG
   3-M0DEV        2-M0DGJ       12-M0DMC        2-M0DQW        7-M0DSZ
   2-M0EAU        3-M0ECS        2-M0EOU        2-M0EU         6-M0FGC
   2-M0FLF        2-M0FMT        6-M0FOS        2-M0FOX        2-M0GBK
   1-M0GBZ        6-M0GEB        4-M0GIK        3-M0GLU        2-M0GNM
   4-M0GQC        1-M0GUC        1-M0GUU        1-M0GVW       12-M0GWC
   7-M0HBL        3-M0HFH       13-M0HGU        5-M0HJS        2-M0HJZ
   2-M0HLB        1-M0HMS        4-M0HNH        2-M0HOU        3-M0HOY
   1-M0HPD        1-M0HQM        2-M0HRF        4-M0HUI        3-M0HWT
   4-M0HYE       14-M0HZE        2-M0HZR        6-M0IAH        5-M0IAX
   5-M0ICR        2-M0IDC        1-M0IDJ        1-M0IFA        2-M0IGA
   3-M0IGK        2-M0IHT        1-M0IIB       20-M0IJJ        2-M0IJQ
   2-M0ILL        6-M0IOH        2-M0IQF        4-M0IRF        2-M0IRU
   3-M0ISR        5-M0ITC        1-M0ITN        2-M0IUG        1-M0IUR
   9-M0IUS        4-M0IUU        8-M0IVJ        2-M0IXE        5-M0IXY
   4-M0IYI        2-M0IYK        1-M0JBA       10-M0JBM        2-M0JEK
   1-M0JGH        2-M0JKE        9-M0JLS        6-M0JLY        4-M0JQB
   1-M0JRW        6-M0JSW        2-M0JSX        2-M0JVV        2-M0JWB
   1-M0JZH        3-M0KFU        1-M0KKA        2-M0KKM        1-M0KLO
  11-M0KMD        4-M0KOV        2-M0KPH        3-M0KPP        1-M0KPW
   1-M0KVF        5-M0KVI        1-M0KWR        7-M0KYG        2-M0KYR
   1-M0KZX       13-M0LCE        2-M0LDC        2-M0LDF        3-M0LEG
   4-M0LGV        2-M0LHS        8-M0LKJ        1-M0LQY        5-M0LRE
   6-M0LSO        3-M0LTE        2-M0LTG        1-M0LTY        3-M0LUH
   2-M0LZN        2-M0MBD       12-M0MBO        3-M0MCX        4-M0MFT
   2-M0MGP        2-M0MLS        2-M0MLZ        2-M0MMD        4-M0MPM
   3-M0MRD        1-M0MTW        3-M0MUU        4-M0MVA        8-M0MVB
   1-M0MVL        3-M0NEB        5-M0NFY        7-M0NMA        3-M0NNB
   2-M0NOM        3-M0NPQ        1-M0NQN        3-M0NVK        1-M0NVQ
   4-M0NVT        2-M0OCM        2-M0OFE        3-M0OFV        2-M0OJR
   1-M0OPK       11-M0ORY        3-M0OTL        3-M0OYH        3-M0PAI
   7-M0PCR        1-M0PEA        1-M0PEL        3-M0PIK        5-M0PJA
   3-M0PLT        2-M0PPF        8-M0PPP        2-M0PTB        4-M0PWL
   3-M0PYU        1-M0RBE        2-M0REP        3-M0RJC        4-M0RJV
   9-M0RNI        3-M0RNR        2-M0ROJ        6-M0RON        1-M0RPK
   5-M0RVA        4-M0RVX        5-M0RWM        4-M0RXG        1-M0RZF
   1-M0SAA        1-M0SAS        2-M0SBB        2-M0SBY        3-M0SCJ
   2-M0SHM        7-M0SJD        3-M0SKF        2-M0SKR        2-M0SPF
   3-M0SPZ        6-M0SSN        3-M0SUV        3-M0SWV        4-M0TAZ
   2-M0TCH        4-M0TDK        2-M0TDW        2-M0TFO        2-M0TNC
   3-M0TRJ        4-M0TRU        3-M0TVM        6-M0TWM        3-M0TXP
   1-M0TYA        2-M0TZZ        2-M0UAT        2-M0UMS       13-M0UNI
   2-M0UPA        1-M0VBM        3-M0VBT       15-M0VGA        3-M0VIX
   3-M0VKR       12-M0VNP        3-M0VOX        1-M0VSE        5-M0VUB
   2-M0VVA        2-M0VVC        4-M0VXX        3-M0VZS        3-M0WDG
   9-M0WID        1-M0WIT        2-M0WJL        5-M0WLB        2-M0WMS
  15-M0WQR        2-M0WTR        2-M0WVE       12-M0XAG        3-M0XAN
   2-M0XAR        5-M0XCH       15-M0XDC        5-M0XDK        7-M0XFL
   1-M0XGL        2-M0XGP        2-M0XII        2-M0XLR        1-M0XVK
   2-M0XYF        2-M0XYM        2-M0XZT        4-M0YAP        2-M0YCH
   1-M0YDH        9-M0YOL        1-M0YSB        7-M0ZMB        3-M0ZNZ
   2-M0ZRR        1-M0ZSU        2-M0ZZX


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