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  K7SFQ - 2020-10 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 3901 to 4000
  K7SFQ - 2020-10 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With K7

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202010/##)
 -----  -----  1      10/   K7SFQ*
  3619      -     17  10/26     17 Sptrs26
  3672      -         10/27
  3728      -         10/28
  3785      -         10/29
  3850      -         10/30
  3932      -         10/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with K7
   2-K70AC        2-K7AAK        2-K7ABK        4-K7AGE        3-K7AJG
   4-K7ALO       11-K7AU         4-K7AVG        8-K7AZT        2-K7BOA
   2-K7BX         2-K7CAR        2-K7CHM        6-K7CKW       11-K7CMA
   1-K7CMI        4-K7CT         2-K7CTJ        5-K7CTM        2-K7CTR
   3-K7CTV        5-K7DB         2-K7DDC        2-K7DEZ        5-K7DOC
   2-K7DOD        2-K7DR         2-K7DRT        2-K7DTR        5-K7DV
   2-K7DWI        3-K7EBR        1-K7EK         5-K7ESU        2-K7EZR
   7-K7FET        2-K7FLG        3-K7FTQ        6-K7FUR        3-K7FYI
   2-K7GRJ       15-K7GXB        4-K7HC         1-K7HG         2-K7HPN
   3-K7HQ         7-K7HTZ        2-K7HXN        5-K7IF         4-K7IFG
   3-K7IOW        5-K7IP         2-K7IW         2-K7JB         4-K7JGS
   1-K7JRB        4-K7JSC        7-K7KCM        5-K7KRR        3-K7KTM
   1-K7KX         1-K7LNT        6-K7LOL        6-K7MDL        6-K7MHJ
  13-K7MSO        2-K7MT         8-K7MWG        4-K7NG        13-K7NOJ
   4-K7NTV        7-K7NWF        2-K7NX         5-K7OAC        3-K7OGU
   4-K7OWW        4-K7PCB        3-K7PDW        2-K7PI         2-K7PIA
   8-K7POF        4-K7QB         2-K7QL        12-K7QXY        2-K7RF
   7-K7RJ         2-K7RLN        3-K7RNB        5-K7RUT        2-K7SCX
   1-K7SFQ        4-K7SPY        1-K7SVW        4-K7TAA        3-K7TBT
   1-K7TD         2-K7TH         8-K7THU        2-K7TP         9-K7TXO
   4-K7TYE       13-K7UNX        9-K7UV         2-K7UZB        1-K7VBG
   4-K7VBY        8-K7VL         1-K7VNZ        4-K7WZX        2-K7YD
   6-K7YEM        5-K7YH         1-K7YXZ        5-K7ZNM        8-K7ZT


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