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  HB9FIH - 2020-04 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 1401 to 1500
  HB9FIH - 2020-04 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With HB

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202004/##)
 -----  -----  1      04/   HB9FIH*
     -   1673    234  04/23                   234 Spots23
     -   1221    100  04/24                   100 Spots24
     -   1267         04/25
     -   1300         04/26
     -   1331         04/27
     -   1362         04/28
     -   1396         04/29
     -   1409         04/30

  ALL Callsigns starting with HB
   1-HB0QRP       4-HB0TR        2-HB3XRT       4-HB3XSQ       3-HB3XUB
   2-HB3XUP       5-HB3YCD       3-HB3YIQ       2-HB3YXE       2-HB3YZX
   3-HB4FV        3-HB9ADF       4-HB9ADJ       6-HB9AFZ       1-HB9AGA
   4-HB9AJG      10-HB9AMB       5-HB9AOC       3-HB9AOO       3-HB9AQA
   4-HB9ASB       1-HB9AVI       3-HB9AWS       4-HB9AXA       9-HB9BAX
   2-HB9BEP       3-HB9BFD       3-HB9BG        4-HB9BIL       5-HB9BMS
   2-HB9BNC       2-HB9BNK       2-HB9BNO       4-HB9BPH       2-HB9BTL
   3-HB9BWA      10-HB9CAB       2-HB9CAL      10-HB9CAT      10-HB9CCQ
   3-HB9CHM       4-HB9CPD       6-HB9CPS       2-HB9CQB       1-HB9CQK
   5-HB9CSW       3-HB9CTR       1-HB9CWK       2-HB9CWN       5-HB9CZE
   3-HB9CZF       2-HB9DCR       8-HB9DGZ       1-HB9DKB       3-HB9DKY
   2-HB9DLR      10-HB9DOS       1-HB9DOZ       2-HB9DPD       3-HB9DQP
   1-HB9DSE       4-HB9DSN       1-HB9DTK       5-HB9DTZ       5-HB9DUQ
   2-HB9DWR       3-HB9EAJ       5-HB9EHD       2-HB9EI        8-HB9ELW
   2-HB9EM        2-HB9EMG       5-HB9EMH       2-HB9EMO       3-HB9EMX
  11-HB9ENA       9-HB9ENC       3-HB9EOF       2-HB9ERD       2-HB9ESF
   8-HB9ESO       2-HB9EUK       1-HB9EUW       4-HB9EVI       4-HB9EVN
   1-HB9EXC       3-HB9EXR      19-HB9EYW       4-HB9EZU       2-HB9FBN
   9-HB9FED       3-HB9FFO       4-HB9FGI       2-HB9FGK       2-HB9FGO
   1-HB9FHV      12-HB9FID       1-HB9FIH       8-HB9FIL       8-HB9FIX
   2-HB9FK        9-HB9FKP       2-HB9FLD       1-HB9FLQ       2-HB9FLU
   1-HB9FMN       9-HB9FRM       2-HB9FSE       3-HB9FSI       2-HB9FSW
   4-HB9FUR       4-HB9FVR       4-HB9FX        2-HB9FXH      15-HB9FXK
   1-HB9FXQ       4-HB9FXS       9-HB9FXY       4-HB9FZB       5-HB9FZG
   2-HB9GBL       4-HB9GFB       3-HB9GHW       2-HB9GIV       4-HB9GKC
   1-HB9GKK       2-HB9GNB       1-HB9GND       3-HB9GNE       2-HB9GNH
   2-HB9GNO       6-HB9GPI       3-HB9GPU       4-HB9GSE       3-HB9GSL
   3-HB9GSY       1-HB9GUR       2-HB9GVB       7-HB9GVC       2-HB9GVE
   3-HB9GVJ       6-HB9GVO       6-HB9GVW       1-HB9GWL       5-HB9GWR
   4-HB9GWX      16-HB9GXI      15-HB9GXK       3-HB9GXS       5-HB9GZP
   4-HB9GZX       2-HB9HAE      10-HB9HBO       2-HB9HBQ       2-HB9HBY
   6-HB9HDH       1-HB9HDN       1-HB9HDU       2-HB9HFJ       1-HB9HFR
   5-HB9HFV       1-HB9IAPC      4-HB9IIU       5-HB9ILT       7-HB9JAQ
   5-HB9JBP       1-HB9JNH       3-HB9JOI       1-HB9LAG       5-HB9LAS
  14-HB9LCA       2-HB9LEK       1-HB9LU        2-HB9MBS       2-HB9MOW
   3-HB9MPN       1-HB9NBG       4-HB9NML       2-HB9OAB       6-HB9ODI
   1-HB9ODK       1-HB9ODP       3-HB9OQ        2-HB9PCL       2-HB9PKP
   7-HB9PLH       8-HB9PM        4-HB9PNI       1-HB9PVI       2-HB9RGX
  10-HB9RJG       5-HB9SHD       2-HB9SWR       2-HB9TF       14-HB9TJM
   2-HB9TJW       6-HB9TLH      15-HB9TMC       4-HB9TPL       3-HB9TPN
   7-HB9TQJ       4-HB9TSS       2-HB9TSW       5-HB9TTK       3-HB9TTU
   4-HB9TUB       2-HB9TUP       3-HB9TVK       2-HB9TVR       2-HB9TVS
   4-HB9TZU       4-HB9UFQ       4-HB9UQF       4-HB9VAB       3-HB9VBM
   1-HB9VJS       4-HB9VQQ       2-HB9WDF       3-HB9ZAG       4-HB9ZEI
  13-HB9ZHK       2-HB9ZS


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