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  G7SWL - 2020-06 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 3801 to 3900
  G7SWL - 2020-06 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With G7

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202006/##)
 -----  -----  1      06/   G7SWL*
  3770      -     14  06/29     14 Sptrs29
  3853      -         06/30

  ALL Callsigns starting with G7
   2-G7AAQ        2-G7ABT        5-G7AEY        5-G7AZA        1-G7BED
   5-G7CHB        1-G7CKX        2-G7COD        5-G7CYQ        1-G7EIX
   1-G7ELK        3-G7EOB        1-G7EPN        6-G7ETC        3-G7FAL
   5-G7FBD        2-G7FCU        1-G7FRI        2-G7FYO        6-G7GKC
   1-G7GQC        1-G7GXK        2-G7HJX        3-G7HKP        1-G7HPH
   4-G7HRB        2-G7HRP       14-G7HXX        1-G7ICV        1-G7IEI
   1-G7IET        5-G7III        8-G7ITB        2-G7ITD        1-G7ITT
   4-G7IWV       10-G7JAF        8-G7JEW       11-G7JGB        9-G7JRD
   2-G7JSC        9-G7JUR        2-G7JVG       10-G7JVN        2-G7KFQ
   7-G7KJP        3-G7KNK        2-G7LEU        2-G7LND       15-G7LTQ
   2-G7LXT       10-G7MCE        1-G7MRV        4-G7NEH        2-G7NFK
   1-G7NJX        2-G7NKS        2-G7NPW        2-G7NSY        3-G7NUC
   4-G7NVQ       15-G7OAE        2-G7OCK        5-G7ODN        1-G7OFC
   5-G7PKG        2-G7PLS        5-G7PRW        1-G7PTX        4-G7PVZ
   3-G7RBY        3-G7RFO       13-G7RHF        2-G7RMG        4-G7RQD
   9-G7RUP        2-G7RVH        2-G7RZU        2-G7SBW        1-G7SOQ
   1-G7SWL        4-G7SYT        3-G7SYW        2-G7TNC        3-G7TYH
   5-G7UCP        2-G7UFO        1-G7UKK        3-G7USP        2-G7UTB
   1-G7UXR        2-G7UXW       13-G7VRD        4-G7WBY        2-G7WCI
   8-G7WIR        2-G7WJW


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