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  G4NBC - 2020-05 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - # 3401 to 3500
  G4NBC - 2020-05 TOP WSPR SPOTTERS - Callsigns Starting With G4

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202005/##)
 -----  -----  1      05/   G4NBC*
  3286      -     40  05/28     40 Sptrs28
  3315      -      2  05/29      2 Sptrs29
  3380      -         05/30
  3430      -         05/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with G4
   1-G4ABX       14-G4AGE        9-G4AKE        3-G4AKU       10-G4APB
   2-G4AUR        6-G4AYT        4-G4AYU        5-G4AZL        1-G4BAV
  14-G4BBH        5-G4BHE        3-G4BHT       12-G4BOO        5-G4BRK
   3-G4BTN        4-G4BUD        3-G4BVH        2-G4BYE        2-G4BYG
  14-G4BYM       11-G4CAO        4-G4CAZ        2-G4CDC        1-G4CDY
   2-G4CEP        1-G4CJZ        1-G4CKS        5-G4CLY        3-G4CMY
   1-G4CPD        1-G4CPW        8-G4CUI        1-G4CVA        1-G4CVM
   5-G4DBN        4-G4DDL        2-G4DDP       15-G4DEU       10-G4DJB
   2-G4DMC        1-G4DMG        2-G4DML       11-G4DND        1-G4DRX
   1-G4DYA       10-G4EBO        8-G4EBY        1-G4EDR        2-G4EDW
   3-G4EDY        2-G4EEM        6-G4EFE        4-G4EID       15-G4EKJ
   3-G4EKM        3-G4ELJ        1-G4EMA        7-G4ENZ        3-G4EOG
   2-G4ETQ        1-G4FAB       14-G4FBA        2-G4FCN        2-G4FDD
   1-G4FDL        2-G4FEV        4-G4FFC       14-G4FGJ       18-G4FKI
   5-G4FKK        1-G4FLQ        2-G4FNL        4-G4FRE        6-G4FTN
  15-G4GCI        3-G4GHT        9-G4GIR        7-G4GJR        2-G4GMO
   3-G4GMS        1-G4GNC       10-G4GNK        3-G4GOU        5-G4GPF
   2-G4GUG       15-G4GVZ        5-G4GWV        6-G4HAI        2-G4HCC
  10-G4HDS        1-G4HGL        1-G4HJE        1-G4HJW        4-G4HLP
   5-G4HLZ        4-G4HPW        3-G4HQB       15-G4HRM        1-G4HTZ
   2-G4HYG        8-G4HZW        1-G4HZX        3-G4IDG        1-G4IIX
   3-G4IJM        1-G4IKZ        2-G4INK        1-G4IOG        2-G4ISN
   4-G4ISQ        7-G4IUP        4-G4JFT       13-G4JIX        1-G4JNT
   6-G4JNW        5-G4JQT        5-G4JQX        5-G4JTO        2-G4JVH
   3-G4JXX        4-G4JXZ        3-G4JYU        1-G4KDX        6-G4KFK
   2-G4KHX        3-G4KIH        9-G4KIN        2-G4KLA        1-G4KOU
   5-G4KPM       15-G4KPX        7-G4KSY        5-G4KUD        3-G4KVI
   5-G4KWH        3-G4KWT        1-G4KXQ        5-G4KZT        1-G4LCM
   8-G4LDT        6-G4LEN        4-G4LHT        2-G4LPW       20-G4LRP
   3-G4LWG        2-G4LZE        4-G4MDH        5-G4MEM        9-G4MIB
   2-G4MKG        6-G4MKT        3-G4MLA        2-G4MOC        1-G4MOI
   9-G4MOY        5-G4MQK        3-G4MQS       15-G4MRK        1-G4MSA
  10-G4MSN        1-G4NBC        1-G4NBS        3-G4NEY        5-G4NIA
   4-G4NIZ        1-G4NJJ        3-G4NMA        1-G4NMD       11-G4NNX
   3-G4NUA       11-G4NUO        6-G4NVH        1-G4NXH        7-G4OCZ
   1-G4OGL        3-G4OJD        2-G4OMG        2-G4OSX        2-G4OTJ
   1-G4OUK       14-G4OVR       15-G4PCI        2-G4PEK        3-G4PEN
   3-G4PEY        7-G4PMB        1-G4PPN        2-G4PQP        9-G4PRJ
   4-G4PUQ        1-G4RGH        9-G4RHR        2-G4RNC        7-G4RNI
   2-G4RQI        1-G4RVH        2-G4RWI        6-G4SDG       13-G4SDL
  10-G4SEN        6-G4SFS        9-G4SGI        6-G4SMX       11-G4SPE
   2-G4SPR        7-G4SRD        3-G4TAH        2-G4TGJ        2-G4TJK
   4-G4TKO        2-G4TRQ        3-G4TXA        6-G4UDU        3-G4UGD
   7-G4USI        1-G4UXG        5-G4UZE        4-G4VMF        5-G4VNM
  13-G4VOW        8-G4VRT        1-G4VSQ        3-G4VSS        4-G4VVP
   7-G4VVT        2-G4VWT        4-G4VYC       11-G4WCP        2-G4WGN
   1-G4WJS        6-G4WLC        6-G4WNF        9-G4WOD        1-G4WPD
   2-G4WQL        2-G4WWG       11-G4XCS        4-G4XHE        4-G4XRM
   1-G4XRV        1-G4XTZ        6-G4XWM        6-G4XWR        6-G4YBU
   2-G4YJA        3-G4YLB        6-G4YMB        2-G4YOH        2-G4YRF
   2-G4YTD        4-G4YTM        5-G4ZAL        3-G4ZAO        4-G4ZDY
   1-G4ZEJ       15-G4ZFQ        4-G4ZST        2-G4ZTM        2-G4ZTX
   6-G4ZVW        4-G4ZXE


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