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  2E0PAF - 2020-08 TOP WSPR SPOTS - # 1901 to 2000
  2E0PAF - 2020-08 TOP WSPR SPOTS - Callsigns Starting With 2E

  2E0PAF - 2-way WSPR Reports - 2E0PAF-JO01 - 2019-September

  2E0PAF - Top 2-way WSPR Reports - 2E0PAF-JO01 - (rank--977)-2019-September

 SPTRS  SPOTS (202008/##)
 -----  -----  1      08/   2E0PAF*
     -   2040    129  08/27                   129 Spots27
     -   2086         08/28
     -   2131         08/29
     -   1956     25  08/30                    25 Spots30
     -   1986         08/31

  ALL Callsigns starting with 2E
   6-2E0BPY      15-2E0BWX       2-2E0CCD       4-2E0CHZ       4-2E0CIA
   3-2E0CMN       2-2E0DFJ       1-2E0DLC       3-2E0DSD      15-2E0DSS
  11-2E0DVS       2-2E0DWA       5-2E0DXE       4-2E0DXK       3-2E0DXO
   2-2E0DYP       4-2E0DZA       1-2E0ECN       8-2E0EEY       2-2E0ENG
   2-2E0EOR       3-2E0EPB       2-2E0EQT       1-2E0ETU       3-2E0EUD
   3-2E0EUI       3-2E0EVM       4-2E0EVW       9-2E0EVZ       2-2E0EZT
   5-2E0FAS       2-2E0FAU       4-2E0FCP       3-2E0FHE       5-2E0FHM
   4-2E0FIO       2-2E0FNJ       4-2E0FNV      12-2E0FPW       9-2E0FQE
   2-2E0FQO       1-2E0FRU       3-2E0FSI       5-2E0FTG       4-2E0FUB
   9-2E0GBA       2-2E0GBC       2-2E0GKG       9-2E0GRU      12-2E0GTD
   4-2E0GUA       2-2E0GUK       8-2E0GXQ       5-2E0GXX       2-2E0HCO
   3-2E0HJV       3-2E0HLA       2-2E0HMA       2-2E0HPR       1-2E0HSY
   2-2E0HTW       4-2E0HXE       3-2E0IEH       2-2E0IJI      13-2E0ILY
   4-2E0IMM       3-2E0IZB       6-2E0JBG       1-2E0JCC       2-2E0JFY
   7-2E0JMQ       3-2E0JNC       2-2E0JRU       5-2E0JSJ       1-2E0JXW
   1-2E0KDI       2-2E0KFO       1-2E0KVX       5-2E0LBZ       5-2E0LDN
   2-2E0LIG       2-2E0LXY       3-2E0MAY       2-2E0MHG       3-2E0MK
   2-2E0MME       9-2E0MRD       3-2E0MTU       5-2E0MUA       1-2E0NER
   4-2E0NFG       1-2E0NFS       3-2E0NMK       1-2E0NPL       2-2E0NQA
   8-2E0NSX       3-2E0NVL       6-2E0OBO       4-2E0ORE       2-2E0OTR
   2-2E0OUE       3-2E0OUR       6-2E0OVO       3-2E0PAF       1-2E0PCI
   2-2E0PDJ       6-2E0PGS       3-2E0PKH      13-2E0PYB       5-2E0PYG
   2-2E0PZA       2-2E0RET       2-2E0RFJ       2-2E0RKJ       2-2E0RNB
   3-2E0ROX       7-2E0RQO       5-2E0RUS       2-2E0RXA       6-2E0RZG
   9-2E0SAE       5-2E0SFI       4-2E0SHG       6-2E0SJA       4-2E0SNB
   2-2E0SOF       5-2E0SQA       1-2E0STH       3-2E0SYI       2-2E0TEC
   1-2E0THH       2-2E0TIE       1-2E0TNC       6-2E0TNO       3-2E0TNT
   1-2E0TQW       3-2E0TWX       2-2E0TXE       2-2E0TXI       2-2E0UGE
   2-2E0UKH       6-2E0UKX       7-2E0VAZ       1-2E0VCK       4-2E0VCZ
   3-2E0VDF      15-2E0VDS       1-2E0VEZ       4-2E0VOV       3-2E0VRT
   4-2E0VTW       5-2E0VWM       7-2E0WBZ       1-2E0WCJ       2-2E0WHN
   3-2E0WMG       1-2E0WSF       2-2E0WUS       1-2E0WVY       4-2E0WWV
   6-2E0XCH       2-2E0XFK       5-2E0XLG       2-2E0XRD       1-2E0XRS
   3-2E0XWF       5-2E0YED       2-2E0YJF       3-2E0YMM       7-2E0YRT
   3-2E0YYB       2-2E1GLT       5-2E1GYP       2-2E1HAT       2-2E1HJE
   3-2E1IDC       2-2E1IJU       1-2E1LGA       3-2E1NJC       2-2E1VAR


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